My favorites at zara atm

I don’t know what’s happened with zara, but I’m loving their stuff a lot more now days. I feel there is a lot more design to it. Especially their more exclusive drops. The quality is still however absolute dreadful still, so my heart isn’t really giving in to buying their stuff still. I am not trying to be a snob, I just know far too much about after working with it for so long. But their more exclusive drop with leather last week I think can do. And their accessories and shoes. What do you think?




When I saw this quote it really spoke to me. It reminds me of my favourite quote (the one I have tattooed as well).”If you fall for a hurricane, don’t try to keep her in a box. You fell for her wind, so let her be the force she was born to be.”

This I think goes for everyone. And everyone always says that they love people who stick out. But here in Sweden, I see it everyday, you know what, I even get to experience it everyday. Which I think is so ashamed. Imagine when Maddox grows up, I don’t want him to be brought up from a manual of “what a kid should or shouldn’t be”, his upbringing will be unique to him. Manners is one thing, but I want us all to accept each other more for being unique. Learn to see the possibilities in us all being different. Learn to use your strengths to help them with their weaknesses, so that they can focus on building their strengths even stronger.

When I first met Oscar, he was my boss, he had this theory that if you let everyone work with what they were good at instead of focusing on the stuff they should work on (their weaknesses). Instead hire people that are good at the stuff the others aren’t, that way you would be creating an A-team, a team where everyone is happy because they are doing what they love and are thriving at becoming the best at that. Instead of putting in hours at the things they would most likely only become mediocre at. I love this. Because it made me thrive so much, not just professionally, but also personally. And I think this is something we should imply more in our lives, with our friends and family.

Let everyone learn their strengths and weaknesses and learn to love all of it. But more importantly, encourage each other for everything they are, so that you can thrive together. This way, I think we give space for the uniqueness in everyone. And that way- I think there will be far more interesting people out there.

New tattoo

In the honour of our little boy, we of course had to get his name tattooed as well. Oscar got his on his left chest and I got mine on my right arm. As always when I get tattooed it wasn’t so planned. But the font was and his name of course, but the size and place wasn’t. But I’m very happy with it!


Sofa company


So the newest edition to our home is this day bed from Sofa Company . I love the idea of Sofa Company because you can design your own furniture. You first choose which model you would like. Then you choose which material you like, which color you want and then you choose what legs you would like to match it with. I decided on this dusty grey which hazelnut coloured wooden legs.

I think it’s a great idea to make your home a little unique. Our apartment has a lot of open spaces. So it is very hard to decorate it with furniture because you need quite a lot. I’m just as minimalist / maximalist when it comes to my interior taste as in my own personal clothes style. I like have as little furniture and small things that clutters the eye as possible. But you also need these things to make it homey. So I felt like I needed an extra “sofa” - but actually adding a sofa into the room would definitely clog the vibe.

But the idea of having a daybed is perfect.

So even though this is a collaboration, I would definitely do it myself anyways, just because I love adding extra touches to my home.

Go and check it out for yourself on

2 moNth postparTum

It’s been 2 months since Maddox arrived and my body has sloooowly gotten back. I want to show you the progress, because I wish there was more of it out there. At least for me. I think the hardest part of the whole pregnancy and the postpartum is accepting the change. In a way I don’t want to accept the change because it gives me so much motivation to push myself back to the strong and sexy body I used to have. I don’t hate my body right now, to be honest, I don’t necessarily dislike it. It’s just different. I’ve always been working out and had a very strong athletic body. And now, it’s the weakest I’ve ever been. And for the first time in my life- I have cellulite! And yes, we all have them. And I was bound to get them as well- OF COURSE! But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to get rid of them. Because for me- I think I look better without them. I know I need to work on my confidence to love and embrace them as well, and this doesn’t mean I hide my body in front of my husband or that I will feel insecure at the beach. If they don’t go away, I’ll learn to accept them more, which I will when I feel that I have reached a strong and powerful body that suits my lifestyle.

i want clarify this before haters jump to it! Everyone is different. Everyone looks different. Everyone wants to look different. And everyone has different lifestyles- therefore need different bodies. But for me to feel like the best version of myself and feel happy- I need to stay active and have training as a part of my everyday daily routine.

People have reacted so strongly on me training so quickly after giving birth. I haven’t pushed my body to limits it can’t handle. I’m an educated personal trainer and I have also received professional help when it comes to rebuilding my body. So I’m in safe hands. But for me it’s been a life safer because it has given me so much energy since Maddox came. And it’s energy translated to him.

But yes, here are some photos of where I’m at today.

ill be happy to share my journey with you guys if it interests you. I know I have at least been looking for others to share their story.


This is my area where I have received cellulites. So, Barre classes at BeCore are really kicking my ass at the moment. and I can’t wait to sculpt my legs and bum like the instructors there.

and I’m going to @sarawiss for working up my core and pelvic muscles. Which have done absolute wonders after just a week! Just by activating my core, I’ve “lost” 2 cm off my waistline.


You all know my obsession with accessories and details to the outfit. I’m a very minimalist when it come to my style, but at the same time very “maximalist” as well. And I love having a basic wardrobe, with all black and lots of leather and suede. I love twisting my outfits with fun details. I am so longing for this fall and winter, when I can wear long black leather gloves like these, to my coats and jacket.

I am obsessing with the oversized suit jackets this season. And I absolutely love this little detail with adding two belts.



Swedish goodies


In a paid collaboration with Sthlm Blvd

I’ve gotten to collaborate with Sthlm Blvd again. It’s the third time now and I love working with them. They have a store here in Stockholm with the best selection of clothes, from some of my favourite brands. At least Swedish brands. Here are some of my favourites from this season.


Sweater: Tiger of Sweden , pants + shoes: Twist and Tango.


Sweater: Tiger of Sweden, Jeans: Rodebjer


it’s a pantsuit and it’s from Gestuz.


So Maddox and I are doing our first collaboration together. And luckily for us- it’s Uniqlo. I have been trying on ever single budget branded simple white body for this kid, because he literally wears them once and the. He grows out of them. However, all brands are crap. Not soft at all. Then I was at uniqlo this summer and I found their white baby bodies- perfection. So when I was asked to do a collaboration with Maddox. I was like hellz yez! Because I can really stand for their stuff.

and as for myself, I’m obsessed with their Cashmere sweaters that come in every fall and winter. Very affordable for what you get. And this time around, I got to try their cashmere scarf.

Luckily for you guys- the first 100 visitors this Friday and Saturday - each get a cashmere scarf. So if you are in Stockholm and also have plans to check out the stores, you might as well start with Uniqlo to get a free scarf worth 600kr. I know I would! :)


Too early


I’ve been an early bird my whole life. But everytime I have to start my day by going to the doctor or dentist, I literally can’t get out of bed. And I’m not even scared of either of them! But here I am off the dentist second time this week!!

two days ago I had to get a tooth fixed because I accidentally bit it off during my labour. And today I’m going to see how the rest of my mouth is doing. Haha

I want to apologise when I’m bad at updating. To be honest, there is quite a lot going on right now, personally, so I’m having a hard time gathering my thoughts for you guys. I will though. I’m even bad at Instagram at the moment. And I really wish I wasn’t, because I love sharing stuff, just as much as I love looking at other people’s stuff. So I’ll make sure to make some time this afternoon to share an update on what’s happening right now for me personally :)

Need your help

I’m looking for a big photograph to go on that wall between the kitchen and the door. Preferably black and white. Something edgy. If you know a shop in Stockholm or any good online shop- let me know! I want to be done with this apartment already!



So Maddox sleeps through the whole nights, I however, don’t. I don’t know what’s going on with me but I keep waking up anywhere between 1:30-4:00 and I can’t fall back to sleep. I’m wide awake. And today, I woke up at 1:30 and now the sun just started rising over Stockholm. I kind of like it in one way, because I get to be completely alone with Maddox. He’s sleeping on my chest. Or just curling up into a ball when we are spooning.

But I also get so tired during the day and since he is up all day, I can’t really sleep then. So I’m in bit of a dilemma at the moment. But hopefully it will go away soon. Luckily, I have someone to hang out with now during the nights🙈 tonight we started rewatching the all-time best show- Gossip Girl! (Which by the way is doing a come back with HBO if you haven’t heard that already.)


The Carodaur

I absolutely love Carodaur style. Doesn’t matter if she’s in a bathing suit or at fashion week, she always has such edge. Even when she’s “basic”, she always goes all in with her accessories. I love that about her style. She has that added touch to things. I Would definitely check her out if you already haven’t.

btw- should I start doing my top favourite weekly outfits from everyone I follow? Because I always get asked about who to follow for inspiration.