Last days


This week has flooooown by. And now it’s almost time for us to go home. I don’t want to leave this place!!! It has been everything I’ve needed and more, I only wish I had another week…or two! Haha. Maddox has loved all the attention and the love overload he’s gotten from his grandmother. And it’s also been so fun to see him with his cousins. The absolutely adore him. And for me, it has been so nice just getting a week for myself with him. Because it’s so crowded in back home with all kids, and during the days I’m stupid enough to book too many dates with other people. But after this, as much as I love time with friends, I just love Maddox’s company more. Hehe. no but seriously, we’ve become such a strong team. And he’s the easiest baby in the world. I can bring him anywhere to anyone and he’s just happy and blends in. Doesn’t scream or cry, just sits there and stares and smiles. I adore him!!!

First day

We didn’t get to sleep until 6:30am this morning and woke up at 9. So you can say we were prettttyyy jet lagged. Maddox is fast asleep already to his normal schedule, but I’m still up and it’s 2am. But I kind of like it. It’s like being in an airplane. You have everything for yourself.

So here’s what we managed to cram this day into:

Maddox did his first ever swim! He didn’t cry or scream, but it wasn’t like he was smiling and laughing through it. This was pretty much his face the entire time haha


Then Maddox’s cousins came home from school and jumped him. This is Winston and Celeste. Celeste freakishly looks a lot like me. More and more for each time I see her! Man, I really hope I get a girl next time!

The other two ladies you see are our wonderful housekeepers. Theresa on the right- was my nanny when I grew up! So she is like family. It just makes it even more amazing being back. Just like home.

Then mom and I went out for some lunch, booked an appointment with my dentist that I had when I grew up. He is the best freaking dentist in the world. And I have been spending all my money the past months fixing my teeth in Sweden and they are still no good. Seriously.. they suck… so, luckily he is still up and running! And I’m sooooo excited for this! Because I’ll be getting two new teeth that have been bothering me the past 8 years… Hahahaha

then at 8pm I had a masseuse come to our home and give me a 2 hour massage. It was EVERYTHING my body could possibly need right now.

Alright I’ll keep you posted!

We have arrived!

We made it! Safe and sound. I know I praise this kid so much, but which 3 month year old flies for 18 hours, and doesn’t make a sound? NOT ONCE!!! Not even when he got hungry? It is like he almost behaves better when travelling than at home hahaha. No, but seriously. I feel so blessed to have a kid like him. I know all kids are different, and there is no right or wrong. But I feel pretty lucky today. I don’t think I would have managed otherwise…

I love the stage he is in right now. Just smiling at everyone. In a good mood. Just overall content. I know that may change in a day, so I won’t jinx it. But right now, as I’m falling asleep next to him, I’m head over heels in love with him. We are such a good team. ❤️


You make my job so easy Maddox❤️

Touch down Qatar

half way!!! It’s been going so smooth. He slept the entire first flight. And now I’ve just been strolling around with him for 2 hours at the airport and he loves it. Literally get stopped every 5 seconds because someone wants to say hi to him or take photos of him. I love Middle East and Asia, they are so sweet with kids. In Sweden we have more of the policy- don’t you dar W look at my kid. Haha! So he is enjoying him. Now he’s sleeping while I have my morning coffee before we jump onto the next flight. 8 hours to go! Let’s do this!!!


BlurrY Update- but off we goooo!

Maddox and I have fiiiiinally gotten to our flight to Kuala Lumpur. We have an 18 hour journey ahead of us, with a layover in Doha. But, we are so ready for this! We are going to see my mom, who just moved there beginning of August. And my older sister Christina and her two kids live there as well. Some of you might not know this, but it’s actually where I grew up and spent my whole life. So I am very excited to be back. It’s been 6 years!!! Can’t wait. But first things first- survive this trip.

But since Maddox is the nicest child on earth (very biased opinion) - I think it will go pretty smooth sailing. But let’s not jinx it!



He got his own little bed! ❤️

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God parents + Collab

Heyheyhey my day has flowwwwn by, I am doing a collaboration with Australian Glow, which is a sun tanning lotion which believe it or not, I’m kind of obsessed about it. So I am just giving you a sneak peak here, if you are wondering why Im so freaking tanned if you run into me. hahaha.

My day started with a lunch with Kajsa, one of my besties whom I haven’t seen in a couple of weeks. Always a pleasure doing lunch at Riche in Stockholm with her.


First I met up with Sara and Stella- because a part of my every day deal right now. We have coffee and eat biscotti and keep getting to know each other.


Then I met up with these two! Emelie and Mikaela, my bestest friends from Uppsala. I “annouced” that they will be Maddox’s God mothers. They kind of already knew and definitely kind of already thought they were. hahaha . But now it’s official! and Maddox’s god father is Christoffer (the guy in the picture above), he is also my best friend from Uppsala. I really wanted him to be it, but since Oscar was the one that was going to get to choose the godfather, it really wasn’t up to me. Until, he suggested him himself. And it made me sooooo happy!!! Maddox is so fortunate to have these three. I’m kind of jealous of him myself. hahaha


And this was my outfit of the day. This is at least how I looked until lunch. hahaha. But more importantly, I am just happy I have found these pants! ADORE THEM! I bought them when I was pregnant, and I finally get into them again! Oh yessss

NOW! Its a new days and I am heading for lunch with Anna and then we will see what the rest of the day will be about. Maybe today, I will actually have time to write some interesting blog stuff! who knowss

Little bit of extra

You know what the best thing has been about going on maternity leave, its been the time that I finally have to get to know people, friends I have always had, now I am just alot closer to them because I have actually had time to really get to know them. New friends, that have reached out to get a coffee. I feel so fortunate for the friends I have made the past couple of months.


Hanna, she is an old friend, someone whose been in my life for a really long time. Someone whom I’ve always admired and loved because she is always there for me whatever it may be. I dont think I have ever texted her without getting a response within like a minute. haha.

Now, as she is freelancing, we can see each other pretty much all the time. Well sort of. And I feel so grateful for that. She is always just a phone call away. She is always spontaneous, easy going and extremely flexible. I absolutely adore her. We have all kinds of project ideas that we are always going on about and she is always up for anything. She really is amazing. And I am so grateful that I have time to really get to know her.


This is Maddox newest and first ever real friend. Haha, this is Stella and she is 3 weeks older than Maddox. His amazing mom reached out to me a couple of weeks ago. And we have pretty much hung out every day ever since. I kind of feel creepy because i keep asking her (every day) if she wants to hang out. But I love when you meet new and refreshing people. And she is 100% that!

There are a few more- but I dont have photos of them yet. Hehe- but you will get to know them as well! :D


All black

I love how I have already failed at my promise below. haha. But I don’t know what is happening, but I am really struggling to find time for anything now days. I feel like its been over a week since I heard my own thoughts. This Friday I had construction workers at my place all day and right as I was heading out when they were done, I got this wave of exhaustion coming over me. So I had to stop. I looked at Maddox, it was like he knew, haha. So, we took a 30 min powernap and a coffee before we headed out. And thats when it made me realize that I’m forgetting to spend time with just him. He is with me everywhere, all the time. But moments with just him have been pretty rare lately.

Hopefullly I’ll be flying out to see my mom in Asian next week or the week after that. Then it’s just me and Maddox for two weeks, I cant wait!

But as promised- I will get better at these outfit photos. Maybe I dont need to complicate them so much. I guess the little perfectionist inside me whispers that I should.


glasses (Chimi Eyewear), Jacket (Fendi), Belt (Hermes), Skirt (Acne Studios), Boots (Zara)


So, I’ve decided to share my daily outfits everyday, no matter what they look like! Haha! Mostly because I love putting together outfits and I think it’s a good way of making myself make an effort every day, I do however make an effort 5/7 days a week. Because as a mom it’s extremely easy to get stuck into comfort. Which works for a lot of people, but I know the Stina-before-Maddox absolutely loved my mornings deciding on what to wear, so why would I let that change now? NEVER! So let’s do this!


Shirt + pants (Zara), Belt (Dior), Boots (Chanel)

By far my favoRite

Guys, I love fall so much. Not just the fashion, but the activities you can do. Even though we place soccer with the kids all year round, there is something extra special right when early fall hits and the sun is out and the air is just starting to get crispy. So now, my favourite part of the weeks are picking up the kids from school and going to the field for some afternoon soccer. But today I was mostly taking pictures of them because the light was so intense!!! Ahhhh fall is here!!!



This weekend has been the definition of netflix and chill. I got sick on Friday morning, the same sickness that Maddox had all week. So both him and I needed to stay in and rest. Luckily, Oscar was completely worn out as well, so he managed to stay in bed and cuddle up all weekend. So our weekend hasn’t been too exciting. But it has been just what the doctor ordered. I have needed some down time with Oscar, because we haven’t had any in ages… I guess thats the new life. We are so good at over booking ourselves or jamming the weekends with loads of activity for the kids, which in the end, kind of drowns you I think… in a good kind of drowning kind of way.


On Friday, even though both Maddox and I had fevers over39 degrees we did a shoot at BeCore. My favorite training studio in town. They have Megaformer and Barre classes that made me so strong during pregnancy, but that is also building my body now after it. I highly recommend it to anyone, because its such a burner!!!


Today (Sunday), Oscar and I met up with my best friend Christoffer for lunch at Strandvägen. I love him so much. We have been best friends since my first semester in Uppsala. He was the only one that was up at 5am, to go for morning walks with me. And after our first 5amer, he was my bestest friend and has been ever since.


and this little sick monkey- have you seen puffier eyes? my baby… the best news is - he is finally fever free!


btw you have to see this series on HBO. We have seen the whole two seasons this weekend. Its sooooo weird but absolutely genius. The power play is genius.

My favorites at zara atm

I don’t know what’s happened with zara, but I’m loving their stuff a lot more now days. I feel there is a lot more design to it. Especially their more exclusive drops. The quality is still however absolute dreadful still, so my heart isn’t really giving in to buying their stuff still. I am not trying to be a snob, I just know far too much about after working with it for so long. But their more exclusive drop with leather last week I think can do. And their accessories and shoes. What do you think?




When I saw this quote it really spoke to me. It reminds me of my favourite quote (the one I have tattooed as well).”If you fall for a hurricane, don’t try to keep her in a box. You fell for her wind, so let her be the force she was born to be.”

This I think goes for everyone. And everyone always says that they love people who stick out. But here in Sweden, I see it everyday, you know what, I even get to experience it everyday. Which I think is so ashamed. Imagine when Maddox grows up, I don’t want him to be brought up from a manual of “what a kid should or shouldn’t be”, his upbringing will be unique to him. Manners is one thing, but I want us all to accept each other more for being unique. Learn to see the possibilities in us all being different. Learn to use your strengths to help them with their weaknesses, so that they can focus on building their strengths even stronger.

When I first met Oscar, he was my boss, he had this theory that if you let everyone work with what they were good at instead of focusing on the stuff they should work on (their weaknesses). Instead hire people that are good at the stuff the others aren’t, that way you would be creating an A-team, a team where everyone is happy because they are doing what they love and are thriving at becoming the best at that. Instead of putting in hours at the things they would most likely only become mediocre at. I love this. Because it made me thrive so much, not just professionally, but also personally. And I think this is something we should imply more in our lives, with our friends and family.

Let everyone learn their strengths and weaknesses and learn to love all of it. But more importantly, encourage each other for everything they are, so that you can thrive together. This way, I think we give space for the uniqueness in everyone. And that way- I think there will be far more interesting people out there.