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As I am having a buying streak in clothes now until maddox arrives. I am starting to moodboatd the styles I want as soon as my body is back again. Haha. So I thought I’d share them for you! I started becoming a bit more “rock chic” This year. But I am going even more all in. And these styles are so classic, yet edgy but still uses quite the minimalistic approach with exclusive details. Very very me.


Week 32 - E.M.O.T.I.O.N.A.L


On Wednesday I stepped into week 32. So I am officially in month 8! I’VE BEEN PREGNANT FOR 8 MONTHS?! Thats like a year…. CRAZY! Well this weeks sums up one thing- emotional, emotional, emotional. Like I am crying all the time. For absolutely nothing. I am in sooooo much pain all the time. Supposedly this is normal? Because my pelvic (i think!) is making space for the baby to give birth. Or something like that. But either way, it feels like I have a period cramp from hell. And I am really starting to fill up on water. Probably not as bad as it will be in the end, but my legs are like a whole extra size. So I feel like an elephant. haha extremely clumsy.

Weight: I dont know this week. I will let you know next week when I am at the doctors again.

Training: This week I have decided to take a break all together, except for longer walks, because I have been feeling so much pain my stomach, so I dont want to push it. But hopefully it’s over soon. So that I can go to my megaformer and Barre classes!

Partner relationship: Well to me honest, I am killing him with all my mood swings. hahaha. I feel so bad for him in one way. But having a wife cry one minute and laugh the other minute and then cry again the next, must be draining! But he is patient. I wonder for how much longer though. hahaha. Maybe I need to end up giving him a “push present” as well, but more like “thank you for surviving and still loving me after these months” haha

Cravings: I am not so hungry these past days, which is nice for a change. I am don’t like candy any longer which makes me really happy. Like I can have one and maybe two small bites, but I wouldn’t go and buy candy myself. I am more into Parmesan chips now! Not that that is any better. haha

I think that sums up this week!

Sorry for the lazy belly photo but I will take nicer ones maybe this weekend.


I try to start my days as many days as possible with a quick 30 min ute workout at home. Now days, I am mainly focusing on the legs, glutes and arm exercises, as I am trying to do absolutely no core exercises this far into my pregnancy. I found this account last week, and I absolutely love her stuff. As soon as I started saving workouts on instagram, the algorithm picked up on it and suggested so many great trainers. So I will keep sharing the exercises as I try them out! There are not just for pregnant women, this is for everybody! I have not slowed down there at all. Which I think is so important if you have the ability still. So here they are- try them tonight! No equiptement needed. (even though I recommend you getting some ankle weights, because they are the best!!)



This morning I got to start my day with an inspiring breakfast together with Hermine Hold and Forni. Hermine Hold, is as many of you know, a company that Nordic Tech House founded together with the founders of Ideal Of Sweden. Today our CEO, Katarina Roger, and Forni’s founder Michaela Forni had a brakfast to talk about brands and personal branding. There were only women there, interestingly enough. Even though it was open to everyone, I guess the cliental was mainly women focused when a female blogger and hair accessories brand have an event together. But anyhow, it was a great way to meet up with some friends, have some breakfast and listen to some powerful ladies. Katarina Roger, is someone whom I have gotten to know the past couple of months. She reminds me alot about myself in many ways. And someone I think I will have around for many years to come. Not just work wise, but hopefully personally as well. I admire her personality alot, and someone who I think spreads energy and inspiration to everyone she meets. So if they have more events, which I know they will, I highly recommend you going.

The best tip from today:

Always say yes! Just go with it. This is my motto. You will never know unless you try. And trying is the most important thing when you are at the beginning of you career I think. I have always just dived into things.Jumped on to all kinds of trains and I have learned soooo much along the way. and it’s a 100% the reason why my career has flown 10 years past my age. And no, I do not judge people for making career changed after just a year or two into working. Why waste time on something that you will never be successful in? You will only be successful in something if you truly love something. You HAVE to love your job. 100%!!! Otherwise, how are you supposed to work those extra 100 hours? The extra 100 hours that you need to put in to become the best. That you need to put in, in order to create magic?

So say YES today and to everything that you are pursued. But of course, always always follow your guy feeling. It needs to make sense as well.


This weekend, literally everyone fled Stockholm. Except for me and Oscar. And you know what, it was amazing!!! It was completely desserted. The sun was 20 degrees all weekend, we walked the streets without bumping into people. We managed to get tables at all our favourite restaurants. We had Haga park pretty much all to ourselves. We had picknicks. We walked 20 000 steps every day. Took amazing work out classes. Slept in ( hehe and by that I mean 7:30-8..) It was amazing. We got everything we needed to be done for our move that is coming up in just a couple of days!!!! SOOOOOO SOOON!
It was the perfect recovery. And it was the perfect weekend to welcome spring / summer to Stockholm. So this sums up my weekend pretty much in a photo- alot sunshine, far too many ice creams and a very very happy Stina. And yes, I’m wearing color….. Oopzzzz



When I can’t sleep I pretty much go through every online store that exists. Haha. And I am not much of a fan of Zara, because I think that their quality has gotten really crap. So I haven’t been online lately, but checking them out last night I found a few goodies that could be worn for an occasion or two. and for that the quality is perfect! So here they are!


Coming soon


I really wish i won the lottery today

Yes I’m a bag lady, if you haven’t already noticed. There probably isn’t anything I get as much as a kick out of as buying bags. Bags are everything. They make you’re whole outfit. Or at least I think so. And here are my 4 dream bags right now. But first I need to rob a bank or win the lottery, because getting one would be far too hard to decide…. so I need them all… haha…. I just need the 💸💸💸💸 first. Just a minor detail…

This baby was released today in Louis Vuitton stores. So if I were you, with money that is, I would make a run for this amazing bumbag that they have made. It’s soooooo nice and the leather is of course just as amazing as all their other bags. Yea, I wouldn’t even think about this one… it’s just a must in your wardrobe.

This baby was released today in Louis Vuitton stores. So if I were you, with money that is, I would make a run for this amazing bumbag that they have made. It’s soooooo nice and the leather is of course just as amazing as all their other bags. Yea, I wouldn’t even think about this one… it’s just a must in your wardrobe.

I saw this Valentino on a girl the other day. It made me turn around on the street. So edgy, yet classy. I LOVE IT. But as far as my google search goes, it’s sold out everywhere.

I saw this Valentino on a girl the other day. It made me turn around on the street. So edgy, yet classy. I LOVE IT. But as far as my google search goes, it’s sold out everywhere.

The new colour scheme at Chanel is to die for. I love black bags, but I’m considering going colourful for this mama.

The new colour scheme at Chanel is to die for. I love black bags, but I’m considering going colourful for this mama.


The amazing and very trendy Dior bag that you all have probably already seen on every influencer in the world. Who cares- it’s flawless! And worst part about it, it’s even nicer in real life.



During this pregnancy I have really found my new training calling - Barre! I LOVE BARRE. I’m obsessed. But you need to go to a good Barre studio. I tried Sthlm Barre and it was okay… but nothing like BeCore. I am obsessed with Becore. Even though it cost quite a lot of money, I think its the best investment that I am making each month. Because I have been able to maintain so much strength and shape through my pregnancy. If you are tinking about going, I would suggest you try Cecilia or Sara.
Cecilia, is a bit more upbeat and extremely tiring. Sara knows alot of technique and she corrects everyone alot so you can really feel how your body is working.

I train almost every morning at home. And here I also do Barre workouts. I haven’t found equivalent videos yet to the exercises that you do in the classes. But I thought I would post some videos here below that I do in the mornings.


Legs and butt



I may look very “soothed” here. But I’m not. Far from reality. Actually I’m not really panicking. But what happened still sucks. My designer bag with my computer, my favorite Chanel jewellery, and my lion gucci rings, my grandma’s ring was stolen at Espresso House at Stureplan was snatched. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS! Especially when you actually were being careful. BUT!!! It’s only material things. Even though loosing my grandma’s ring was the worst part of it. It has sentimental value which any money in the world could never replace.

The worst part was that I had my house keys and my ID in the bag- so the police was like - GO HOME!!!!! CHANGE YOUR LOCKS NOW!!!! hahaha. So Oscar and I both ran home and changed the lock immediately. Literally like an hour later it was done. How fast is that?!

Since I am quite good in crisis and I don’t cry so much over spilled milk. The most important thing is that no one can break into my home and steal the rest of my things. Now it’s just alot of paperwork left. hahaha it’s a good thing, I hardly have anything else to do…….?????? hahahaha


It’s getting soooo close now. 3 weeks left until the renovation begins! And just 4,5 weeks until we move in. I found this instagram (yea, I’m probably 100 years too late….) But it has prettty much my entire moodboard on it and I get very inspired by the colors and stucco on the walls. So, its perfect. Here are some thoughts I have for the apartment.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 07.37.03.png

I love this color and I am thinking it should be the color for my bedroom. I like that it is dark and calming. But not as dark as we have it today. I have found these beautiful curtains, and I am actually planning the room around that color hahaha.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 07.36.52.png

But on the other hand. I am obsessed with this color as well. Oscar thinks its a bit too blaaaah. But I think it has thing very soothing cashmere feel to it. I think I will probably end up choosing a color that is something towards this, but maybe one or two steps darker than this one and two steps lighter than the one above. Or what do you think?

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 07.37.13.png

As for the hall this is exactly what I want. The color is perfection. And the stucco on the walls are exactly what I want. I might build a sitting bench as they have here on the left. Just because it gives the place a very homey feel to it.

MY THOUGHTS ON L300'S Hyaluronic Renewal-serie

So I have gotten to try L300’s new Hyaluronic Renewal-serie! You probably don’t know this but I’m a huge fan of skincare. The past couple of years, I haven’t spent a day without moisturising my skin, both day and night. Growing up I can remember that I used to wear makeup to bed and sleep with it. That would NEVER happen today! hehe

So when a skincare brand contacts me to do a collaboration, I am not the one to say no. Mostly to just try the products!

So- here are some insights!

Jag har fått prova L300s nya Hyaluronic Renewal-serie! 💫Som ni kanske vet sedan innan är jag ett stort fan av hudvård och framförallt oljor, därför blev deras nya Hyaluronic Renewal Face Oil snabbt en ny favorit i min hudvårdsrutin. Jag älskar att se resultat och känner sån otrolig skillnad på huden efter en natt med rätt produkter eller produkter som ger en bra bas innan smink!


The consistency is quite good and it sinks into your skin pretty quickly. I LOVE THAT! I felt silky smooth all day. That’s why I love oils and serums. I like night creams, but not day creams. Serums and oils just quickly soaks into my skin which is perfect before appyling my foundation. So I definitely will add this into my every day routine. If you are interested in testing it as well, go to my instagram post today and follow the instructions, so that I can send it out to you! :D



My mood right now. I feel so zen within myself, but I feel that the winds around me makes me react so strongly and completely takes over my body right now. I have really managed to find my bubble with Oscar, the kids and my friends. But i’m at a very fragile state in my pregnancy. I feel like if I don’t get enough sleep, I’m not only tired, I’m wiped out and extremely emotional. Not so much outwards, and people in my surrounding probably wouldn’t even think so much of it. But, the tiniest thing gets to me right now. And at the moment, rude people really fucks up my day. And it pisses me off that they are getting to me. I’m usually so good at brushing people off. Because people that purposely go out of their way to upset you, are just sad lowlife people. And there is nothing worse than people that rubs of their “miscontent” about their life on other people. So you know what people, be nice. You have no idea how much being a jerk can fuck up another persons day. Especially pregnant women. Haha especially me right now! Haha

tiger’s out!