So, as we thought we were getting closer to our finalé. We found out we need to remake the bathroom……. because it hadnt been done properly. So, next Monday we start again. It’s kind of hard then settling it properly when you need all the tools everywhere. But I have the most handy man (or at least, he’s getting there) that is making the small details, so it’s starting to become more as a home. This weekend however, I have promised myself to be completely done with all the unpacking… and since it’s only my wardrobe with 32 boxes left, I kind of feel like I need to hahaha for the rest of the family’s sake


Also- I’m selling this beautiful chair. It took me 5 months to get, and I’ve only sat in it twice since December when it arrived. I LOVE IT. But unfortunately it doesn’t fit into our new apartment and it’s style. So, if you’re interested, contact me on :)

Not too shabby

I feel so bad at updating the past couple of days. I am just so swamped with everything, not necessarily in a bad way. I just have a lot on my plate right now. As my maternity leave starts next Friday, there is aloooooot to do before that. However, it’s extremely fun stuff! And I am getting more and more excited about this project everyday. I CANT WAIT to tell you about it. It’s something huge and life changing and a total dream come true for me. But it’s about a month away before I can mention it.


However, it’s going to be quite nice to have maternity leave and really focus on just me the last two weeks of this pregnancy. Because after that, it’s me and Maddox for life. And no longer, just Stina Force. I can’t believe it’s so soon!!! In a way I want him to be here tomorrow!!! Buuuuut I also want two weeks for myself to unwind and prepare myself mentally and physically for Maddox and the actual birth. I feel like the past 4 weeks have just flown by and I have almost forgotten that I’m pregnant, but that because I have been so busy with work and my renovation. So it will be nice with two weeks of me time. And that is if he is arriving on his due date. Hahaha. Which I hope, not before. Maybe even a week or so later wouldn’t be so bad either - hehe! More vacation for me. But I probably won’t be feeling that way by then. Hehe

btw!!! DONT YOU LOVE MY SHOES?? I’ve been longing for so long to wear them. They are from Philosophy and I am completely in love. Will go perfect with my Post-Maddox style! Hehe



Still a construction site, but almost everything is done. Just a few things that we will need to fix later this week, but nothing major. Oscar did a fantastic move yesterday with the moving company, everything went so smoothly. So now we just have 10 years of unpacking to do. I hate unpacking, but I’m also one of those people that just gets it done straight away because I hate dragging everything out. I like having everything done ASAP, I don’t like move in slowly and find my pace and buy things gradually. Hahaha. I’m very impatient. So I’ll give the unpacking two days. The last touch ups to be done this week. And then we just have to wait for the taps for the bathroom to arrive, theeeeen we are done! So not so bad. But as the weeks are getting closer to Maddox, I want it to be all done for his grand arrival!

Also, I received the photos Ebba took of me this weekend. They made me cry so much! I’m so excited to show you!!

Weekend you couldnt be more longed for

I haven’t longed for a weekend more than this week. Haha. Feels like I’ve said that the past two weeks. But it’s just so freakin’ hard to do the renovation and job at the same time, while becoming bigger and bigger . Like I literally wake up looking like a zombie every day. BUT my mood isn’t slowing down! Im so excited!


And today my wonderful friend Ebba is taking photos of me. Photos I have dreamt of doing ever since I saw Demi Moore’s cover of Vanity Fair 100 years ago. And today I am doing it!!!! SO EXCITED!!!

Then I have people coming over to pack up our whole place. So I will just be over looking it a little bit and catching up on some work from yesterday.

Then im going lamp shopping. Because I love lamps. And the lamps I have bought aren’t right for some reason, so I need one for the master bedroom and library.

Then back to the construction site! Tomorrow we are done!!!!! And Monday we are doing the official move!!!!


Here I am sitting and to be honest, I am extremely overwhelmed. I have one of my biggest projects happening at the moment workwise. I am renovating an apartment which needs more supervision than we were expecting, so I am running around like crazy every day getting equipment and painting walls and sawing and nailing stuff so that we can move on Monday. Because everything has already been delayed a week and we don’t have more time than that as Oscar is away on a business trip next week. And I would love to not do a move myself when I’m 36 weeks pregnant haha.
On top of that I need to pack my apartment, still take care of the kids, and I AM STILL SICK!!!!

So from getting home at 10 pm every night from the new apartment. I start working, because I have only managed to get my meetings done during the day, so I am up big chunks of the night. And on top of that I am entering week 35 of my pregnancy. And guys - guess what - I’M TIRED! SO SO TIRED! Especially when I can’t sit any longer, so I am standing from 6am to 2am every day the past week and a half.
This is such a winey post- but you know what, I need to get it out. I am so overwhelmed right now, that I can’t even get emotional. Like so drained, I can’t even think. And it’s honestly the worst thing I have ever done. I see myself as super woman, that nothing can break me. But when you get this physically and emotionally exhausted it’s hard not to break for a bit. So, I am so sorry if I haven’t been able to update you on a lot of interesting content here the past week. I will do better. But I am so happy by the beautiful comments I have been getting from our podcasts yesterday and the random DMs and even emails I have gotten about my blog and stuff. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. and right now, I love you even more for sending all that love when I need it the most.
Sorry for whining, but I want to show you guys as much of me as possible.


The packing has begun. But seeing this photo, it almost makes me want a white sofa. But I think I need to wait another 10 years until the kids can handle it.



I am in my very first podcast! Unfortunately it’s only for you my Swedish followers. So go to podcasts and search for Life with Hoof Barkenbom and you will find me in their latest episode! You will get to know me a little bit better- where I come from, what I’ve been through and the challenges and journey I have made to get to where I am today. Especially this last life changing year. So let me know what you think!



As all our Sundays when we have the kids, are spent at Norra Real for some soccer, both with the soccer team and ourselves. Loui is not even 4 years old , but he’s insanely talented when it comes to soccer. I know all parents think so about their kids, but literally everyone that sees him play are wowed. I think it has to do with Oscar playing with him pretty much every day since he pretty much could walk. Haha.


The renovation has continued and we / I have started to paint the hallway. It will be a color from JOTUN called Tanner’s Brown. I think it’s so much fun to do these things myself. I have professional help that of course, makes it look sleek. Hehe but it’s fun to help out as much as I can with the things I can. And painting is definitely is one of those things I can do myself.


And YES! the brozed mirror to our kitchen arrived today!!! I AM OBSESSED WITH IT. Because it goes perfect with the black color and yet matches the walls.


We have managed to do all these as well. Now we just need to put them up on the walls! Ahhh I’m so excited!!!


We haven’t had time to do much more this weekend to be honest, so nothing too exciting to tell. But being 35 weeks pregnant, walking 20 000 steps a day and painting and running around doing errand 12 hours a day is pretty hectic, so in the evenings we have literally passed out. But we are getting closer and I am so excited!!! Here is Marley, the love of my life. So I just had to share a photo of him!


I guess this is the stage where they call it “nesting”. Nah I’m kidding, I have always loved having Friday nights with the kids and I never make plans on Fridays when we have them. We have them every second weekend. We pick them up after kindergarten on Friday afternoon and then we have them the entire weekend until Monday morning when we drop them off at kindergarten. So, Fridays are special. Because I have missed them the past two days when we’ve been apart. And it’s nice to have a resting and cozy night ahead of us, yet knowing that we have a weekend filled with alot of activities and friends.
But yes, now that I’m getting closer and closer to Maddox’s due date, these weekends are becoming sacred. And moments like these when I get to lay and play and snuggle with Marley on the couch makes life so freakin’ complete. So anyways, just wanted to say, that I feel so blessed right now. I had a tough day today and this amazing little creature changed it the second he saw me and his entire face lid up across the playground. I’m so fortunate to have him and his brother Loui as my extra soldiers in life.
Anyways! New check in on the renovation tomorrow! today we got the kitchen up! IT’S SOOOOOO PERFECT. But photos of that tomorrow! nighty night


DAY 3 - doors!

Not a lot of crazy stuff happened today. Since the livingroom is so big, just doing it one time takes almost a full day, and they wanted to layer it one more time. Our painter is a perfectionist, which is of course a good thing! haha, but I get too excited to get everything done. But our closet doors arrived. Which will have the same color as the walls. Today we are doing the bedroom walls and putting up the stuccoed in the livingroom. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! I have been longing for this bedroom so much! So I’m excited :)



As soon as Maddox is out of my body and I have my body back, I have started a pinterest board that concludes my future style. Hehe. I am going for the very basic chic style, with that edgy touch. Oversized, yet very sliming. And lots of attention to details and accessories. We all know how much I love accessories. Here are some styles:


To The Soon to be maMas

this pillow. Has changed my life. It is starting to get so uncomfortable sleeping, standing and sitting. Haha. Well at least sitting and sleeping. And last week I was so uncomfortable and I got so much aching pains from sleeping so I went to Babyshop in sturegallerian (they have them on their website as well, so you can get one there!) and asked if they had any tips on stuff that would help. Then they gave me this pillow, which is pretty pricey, but it is worth every cent. I have slept for 8 hours every night. I always start my nights by sleeping on Oscar’s chest and using him as my pillow. But I always wake up the next side sleeping like this with the pillow and Oscars tugging me tight from behind. It’s like being spooned by two people!! DREAM!!

Well anyways- it’s not just for pregnant women. You can use it as a baby nest in the bed when they baby is born. And you can use it for breast feeding support. It’s amazing. I never thought I was try it, because I have seen other bloggers recommend it. But I did and 8 100% agree- worth every cent!



As promised! I have a check in after our first day. We had a lot of arrivals today, but unfortunately not my kitchen. That will arrive tomorrow morning at 8. So today, they started with all the ceilings- painted them white so they are fresh and new. I helped out with the bathroom because I thought it was so therapeutic. I listened to some good podcasts at the same time and took a phone call meeting at the same time. So let me show you what I have gotten done.


The left side is what I have done. The right is how it used to be. I put that guey black stuff between the tiles, because I thought grey was so ugly. So changed it to black. This may not seem too impressive to you, but this is coming from a girl whose changed one light bulb once in her life. hehe.


So here was the end result after a couple of hours. I did it all the way down to the floor.

To do in bathroom:
1. Change floor tiles
2. Color the ceiling and walls white
3. Change the taps and all the metal interior to gold instead of these silver ones
4. Change the toilet, commando, mirror and washing machine.


This is the room I am most excited about so I had to start playing around with it. We have decided to do the room in pink (you can find my previous post with my moodboard on it here) . So I had to try it out. You can’t see the color here properly because it dark and I have tried to light up the color. But you will see more tomorrow, because thats when we are doing the whole room! Ahhh! I’m so excited I have so many butterflies.


As we are doing stuccoed walls. So I have carved them all with help from my amazing friend Ami (just because she’s a pro) and I have now colored them! Which is probably two days away. But I couldn’t wait hehe.

Other than that - day 1 done!

Tomorrow: The kitchen arrived and hopefully that will be up by the end of the day, the livingroom color and bedroom walls will be done or at least their first layer will be. So stay tuned!


This is a photo taken 5 days ago. So technically I just stepped into week 33 here. I just forgot to post about it. So here is just a little summary. Week 34 is coming up tomorrow!!! hehe so maybe this isn’t so amazing to be honest. This is mostly for myself to remember in the future. or for you pregnant mamas out there that are trying to figure out what it is like in this week, or just googling around trying to understand if your feelings and emotions are normal.


So to sum up my week that has just passed:

Weight: still + 9kg. I hadn’t gained anything from the two weeks before I was at the doctors. My belly had grown 3 cm, but my weight has remained the same! HALLELUJAH! It’s probably all the walking I’ve doing. Not that I’m on a diet or anything, but it was nice for once to step up on that scale and not break down in tears or have a slight heart attack.

Training: I have only been training twice this week, because I got a really heavy cold break out on Friday and that is still with me. I can really tell how much better my body feels though when it’s been exercising.
HOWEVER. I did do one class on Wednesday, because Sara at BeCore was back. I did the whole class without any air con and that really took it out of me, so I was completely whipped the next day.

Hormones: They were pretty extreme. But not even close to what they were the week before. hehe. So, they gave Oscar a break. haha

over all mood: EXTREMELY TIRED. On Thursday, I was out the whole day. I literally slept like 18 hours that day and had to stay home from work. My plan was to work from home but I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. I thought it was from the exercise, but then on Friday evening my cold broke out. So I guess that was what was lurking around.

But besides that - I have stayed just as active and I have been out and about and getting everything sorted for our renovation. Which really isn’t so smart, because I still have a fever and I literally can’t breath. But I’m just so excited about this renovation and a project I’m working on at work, so I dont want to slow down now! 2 weeks of renovation and 3 weeks left of work before I start my maternity leave! Eiiih