I couldn’t have chosen a better timing to go on my maternity leave. I spent the days ordering a bunch of stuff for the apartment in the sun on our balcony!!! It felt so good to feel the sun glazing my body again! I’m a sun worshiper, like the rest of Sweden haha. But it was a very soothing day. Had the “construction” workers here, fixing the apartment. I think next week will be the final touches, then we are done. So Maddox you are free to come then! Haha.

in the evening I realised that Maddox hadn’t been moving a lot during the day, actually hardly at all to be honest. So I just thought I would call in. I’m probably the last person to get worried over stuff like that, but my husband is not. And what I have learned, always just give them a call. Whatever it is, you know your body and your baby. If you feel something is up, then something is probably off. So Maddox and I headed to the hospital where it turned out that he was a little bit stuck with his feet, so he actually couldn’t kick and that was probably why I don’t feel him moving around so much. Nothing dangerous. So they sent me home after a couple of hours. They just wanted to monitor his heart rate a bit. But I got home really late and Marley is teething, so it kept me up majority of the night. So today I have cancelled everything. I am going to go to the park and sleep and then Oscar is joining me for a long lunch. We are off tomorrow so we will probably do something g nice tomorrow as the temperature is supposed to be 28 degrees!!!!!

WEEK 38 - weight loss, stress & survival


WEEK 38!!! Guys, I’m almost there now! This is so crazy!!!!

I have been bad with these pregnancy updates. BUT! Here we go, I am going to try and sum up the past couple of weeks.

The last 3 weeks, I have been incredibly stressed. Which has made Maddox very stressed. Unfortunately. I have had high blood pressure and high pulse, which has landed me in the hospital because they thought he was on his way. Luckily it was false alarm. But doing renovation for 12 hours a day when you 36-37 weeks pregnant and weigh 8 kg more than usual and managing 2 kids at the same time and a huge work delivery, well let’s just say, I wouldn’t recommend my worst enemy it.
There has been alot of tears, like 10 times a day. Luckily I have the best support system around me with supporting co-workers, friends and my mom, who unfortunately happened to be on the other side of the planet. Well, I managed. So that’s why my maternity leave came at the perfect timing. I would like to add- that in all of these things a lot of extremely sad private things happened at the same time. I won’t go into detail about it now, but I will write a long post about it in the upcoming days. Because like I said before, I want to use this space for myself to show you everything I am. Life isn’t perfect, nor do I want it to be. So, I definitely wouldn’t want to portray it to be either.

But anyways- back to pregnancy!

I survived. Unfortunately I haven’t had 1 minute over one single day, like literally. I forgot to eat most days, which is so bad. It lead to me loosing 1,5 kg in one week, when I should have gained 350 grams, because I was so stressed and running around so much every single day. So I went from +10 kg, down to 8-8,5 kg. In one week.

Weight: I am now back to 9+ kg from the start of my pregnancy.

Body: I am starting to feel a bit bloated. Even though everyone says I’m not. My fingers, arms and legs are swelling. I can tell and definitely feel it.
My back is killing me. But only when I’m sitting or laying down, so I stand up 99% of the day. If it weren’t for the back, I could easily go for another month or two. Cause I really feel I could use the downtime before he arrives.

I also had a lot and alot of contractions, like all day, 24/7. When I ended up in the hospital they were supposedly so strong, that they should have felt like a real contraction. But I couldn’t even feel them… And not because I’m so “hard core” but because I had gotten so used them! How crazy is that?!

Other than that, things are now feeling much better and I’m just going to enjoy this amazing last few weeks with myself.


First day of maternity leave. Of course, I do what I love them most - breakfast in bed!!! and a show. Today it happened to be David Letterman’s show. Again, I can’t recommend it more!

Believe it or not, but my day was fully packed with stuff to do. haha- I would be such a good housewife!


I of course took the oppotunity to join in on my favorite class at Be Core with Sara. Guys I can’t praise her and that studio enough. I absolutely love love love it. Its so hard. And now at almost week 38, it’s actually quite intense. BUT your girl managed to not only power through the whole class, I did the heavy weights as well. Even though it was pushing my limits a liiiiiittle bit.
But you know what I’ve decided, I’m going to do a class ever second day until Maddox arrives. Not just because I LOVE Sara. I absolutely love the energy I get from the classes. I feel so f**king powerful. And that is the best gift I can give myself to prep for delivery - POWER! So if you are pregnant, I can’t praise it more. Move move move! I know it can be heavy to walk, but for some reason it’s easier to train. Do it for you and your baby! As soon as he arrives, you can’t train for 6-8 weeks. and maybe even longer if you are unlucky. So go for as long as you can! Do it for your energy at least!


Then I headed out to buy the last things for my delivery bag - grandma underwear! Big and comfortable as they get. Dooooone! Met up with my best friend Emelie for some good H&M shopping. Then I did some quick shopping for my “post Maddox” phase. hahah like thats the priority right now. Hahaha. Ah well! it felt inspiring at the time. Then I got such a cute blanket for Maddox. OMG you’re gonna die!!!

After that I met with Ebba, my new wonderful wonderful friend but she’s also my birth photographer and her daughter Ingrid for a coffee.

After the the most miraculous thing happened! WE BOUGHT THE HAY MAGS COUCH!!!!!!!!! I’m soooooo happy. The couch I recommended in my previous post! You guys have no ideah ow much I wanted it. So, right now, I need to sell our MeliMeli one, because I have two couches in the livingroom. So again- if you’re interested in this couch, holla at me! Good price!!


Here are some crappy photos from our old apartment in two lights. Day & night.

PINKED OUT! Mama’s out!

This weekend kicked off with my last day of work for a while. Oscar met up for a date night around 5 pm, hade dinner at Nombre, one of our favorite restaurants near where we live. Before I left the office I had to take a picture of this, because in this outfit, you can hardly tell that I am 37 weeks pregnant facing forward. and then I go to the side- and there he pops out!


Hello there Maddox! GUYS - I’M IN WEEK 37!!!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?


We woke up on Saturday morning and got an instinct that we needed to paint pink the entire way, not just the walls. So the frames first, which I did. Then as we were done with those we thought- we don’t do anything else half way. So we made the ceiling as well! Ohhh yesss


Luckily Oscar is a little bit stronger than I am right now, so he managed to do the entire room himself. CRAZY!!!


This weekend was spent cuddling in the rain, watching the whole season of What If, or at least finishing watching it. Eating breakfasts, take away, shopping this for the apartment and like I mentioned above- painting the walls. It was perfect. Everything a weekend needs to be now towards the end. As this could be our last one, just the two of us. Next weekend we have Loui and Marley and after that it is only days away from due date. So crazy. But it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I am obsesssed with this man and everything he does for me. and us. My wish is his command. And I couldn’t feel more grateful this Sunday evening when I fell sleep in his arms. Eiiiih Maddox, you’re so lucky.



Today I stepped into my final “real” work day. We are off on Thursday and on Friday, I won’t have much work left to do. More to gather my things and have a lunch with my bosses. Then, my maternity officially starts. It feel so weird. Since I won’t be off completely from work, I will still need to do a few meetings every week, I still won’t have a place to go to everyday. Even though I probably will be hanging in the office at least once a week with Maddox. hehe. They just don’t know it yet.
Well we handed in a huge delivery for a project I am extremely excited and proud of. If it ends of happening its going to be insaaaaaaane. But just getting to do what we have done so far, is beyond what I could have imagined us doing. I am extremely proud of Nordic Tech House for getting this far. And it’s been such an honour being apart of this project. A project I have always dreamed of doing. Literally. At least the past 8 years, I think I have been on their website at least once a day. So this is huge.

So to celebrate this, I decided to give myself something. I am 100% a bikini girl but this summer, since I am giving birth in the end of June. I know I probably won’t have my body back for a month or two and especially having a funny looking belly for a couple of weeks. I decided I wanted a swimsuit. But since it’s quite hard to just find a swimsuit, I decided to pull my safecard. So, this beauty, with a nice beach sjal and together with matching Chanel jewllery, I think I’m ready for beach 2019. Or what do you think?

I think it’s so important to celebrate your victories. Today, we are off and I am seeing my best friend, Christoffer. I am so excited to see him, as I haven’t seen him in a really long time. Too long!!!


This Sunday was my first Mother’s Day!!! Even though I won’t technically be a mother in another couple of weeks. I have been a “Stina” for these two boys for little over a year today. It has been the best things I have ever gotten to do. I have had the chance to follow Marley from the first second he entered this world and I have known Loui since he was two. I get to shape them, love them and teach them everything I know. They have given me so much warmth, love and loyalty every single day. Most people think that they are just my “step kids”, but in our family, Family Force, we have chosen to see each other as one family. They can call me whatever they want, but being their Stina is the greatest role I have. They have a mother that they adore, but we are each others opposite points. Which I think is a beautiful thing. Because that way, we will always mean different things to them and we will always stand for different things, which will make them even more whole rounded. So even though, I am not their mom. I am the mom in this family. And if being a mom means loving someone unconditionally, protecting them from everything in this world, shaping their worlds and futures, feeding and teaching them about love and hate and cheering them on when they need it the most and fighting with them when needed and always being there to pick them up when they can’t get up any longer, well then, then I’m a mom. So, this Sunday, we celebrated love. We celebrated our family. We celebrated Maddox and his arrival in just 3-4 weeks. We are officially soon Family Force.



Last night I got some major pains in my lower stomach and my belly when rock hard. So we called into the hospital and they said it sounded like Maddox was on his way, but that I am just in the early early stages. So I hadn’t gotten any contractions yet, but that he was preparing to come out!!!! They told me to take two pain killers and a hot bath. I did. And the pain didn’t escalate, just remained the same. Still feeling EXTREMELY uncomfortable. I couldn’t sit, lay down or stand up. The only thing that was “comfortable” was walking. But then it kind of felt like he was on his way out, because it was being pushed so low.

well anyways, since the pain didn’t escalate the hospital told up to wait it out a bit. So we went to bed. I haven’t sleep this hard in over a month. I woke up after 8 hours of sleep, and it felt like a truck had run over me. And the pains were still there at the same scale.

So I called in again and since my belly is even harder than yesterday, they wanted me to come in for a check up. So here I am. Bright shine and early on a Saturday, about to find out if Maddox is on his way or what is up! I’m not scared, because we are in week 36, which means he is fully “baked” and developed. So no danger to him or me.

If he is not on his way, then I’m definitely getting that bag packed. Because what I realised last night is that we have NOTHING prepared. It’s been too much of a focus on everything else happening right now with the renovation and all. So I need to get that stuff done.

BUT GUYS!!!! It hit me, if he’s not arriving now. I’ll be back within a month (!!!!) for real and actually delivering him. THIS IS INSANE!



So, as we thought we were getting closer to our finalé. We found out we need to remake the bathroom……. because it hadnt been done properly. So, next Monday we start again. It’s kind of hard then settling it properly when you need all the tools everywhere. But I have the most handy man (or at least, he’s getting there) that is making the small details, so it’s starting to become more as a home. This weekend however, I have promised myself to be completely done with all the unpacking… and since it’s only my wardrobe with 32 boxes left, I kind of feel like I need to hahaha for the rest of the family’s sake


Also- I’m selling this beautiful chair. It took me 5 months to get, and I’ve only sat in it twice since December when it arrived. I LOVE IT. But unfortunately it doesn’t fit into our new apartment and it’s style. So, if you’re interested, contact me on bystinaforce@gmail.com :)

Not too shabby

I feel so bad at updating the past couple of days. I am just so swamped with everything, not necessarily in a bad way. I just have a lot on my plate right now. As my maternity leave starts next Friday, there is aloooooot to do before that. However, it’s extremely fun stuff! And I am getting more and more excited about this project everyday. I CANT WAIT to tell you about it. It’s something huge and life changing and a total dream come true for me. But it’s about a month away before I can mention it.


However, it’s going to be quite nice to have maternity leave and really focus on just me the last two weeks of this pregnancy. Because after that, it’s me and Maddox for life. And no longer, just Stina Force. I can’t believe it’s so soon!!! In a way I want him to be here tomorrow!!! Buuuuut I also want two weeks for myself to unwind and prepare myself mentally and physically for Maddox and the actual birth. I feel like the past 4 weeks have just flown by and I have almost forgotten that I’m pregnant, but that because I have been so busy with work and my renovation. So it will be nice with two weeks of me time. And that is if he is arriving on his due date. Hahaha. Which I hope, not before. Maybe even a week or so later wouldn’t be so bad either - hehe! More vacation for me. But I probably won’t be feeling that way by then. Hehe

btw!!! DONT YOU LOVE MY SHOES?? I’ve been longing for so long to wear them. They are from Philosophy and I am completely in love. Will go perfect with my Post-Maddox style! Hehe



Still a construction site, but almost everything is done. Just a few things that we will need to fix later this week, but nothing major. Oscar did a fantastic move yesterday with the moving company, everything went so smoothly. So now we just have 10 years of unpacking to do. I hate unpacking, but I’m also one of those people that just gets it done straight away because I hate dragging everything out. I like having everything done ASAP, I don’t like move in slowly and find my pace and buy things gradually. Hahaha. I’m very impatient. So I’ll give the unpacking two days. The last touch ups to be done this week. And then we just have to wait for the taps for the bathroom to arrive, theeeeen we are done! So not so bad. But as the weeks are getting closer to Maddox, I want it to be all done for his grand arrival!

Also, I received the photos Ebba took of me this weekend. They made me cry so much! I’m so excited to show you!!

Weekend you couldnt be more longed for

I haven’t longed for a weekend more than this week. Haha. Feels like I’ve said that the past two weeks. But it’s just so freakin’ hard to do the renovation and job at the same time, while becoming bigger and bigger . Like I literally wake up looking like a zombie every day. BUT my mood isn’t slowing down! Im so excited!


And today my wonderful friend Ebba is taking photos of me. Photos I have dreamt of doing ever since I saw Demi Moore’s cover of Vanity Fair 100 years ago. And today I am doing it!!!! SO EXCITED!!!

Then I have people coming over to pack up our whole place. So I will just be over looking it a little bit and catching up on some work from yesterday.

Then im going lamp shopping. Because I love lamps. And the lamps I have bought aren’t right for some reason, so I need one for the master bedroom and library.

Then back to the construction site! Tomorrow we are done!!!!! And Monday we are doing the official move!!!!


Here I am sitting and to be honest, I am extremely overwhelmed. I have one of my biggest projects happening at the moment workwise. I am renovating an apartment which needs more supervision than we were expecting, so I am running around like crazy every day getting equipment and painting walls and sawing and nailing stuff so that we can move on Monday. Because everything has already been delayed a week and we don’t have more time than that as Oscar is away on a business trip next week. And I would love to not do a move myself when I’m 36 weeks pregnant haha.
On top of that I need to pack my apartment, still take care of the kids, and I AM STILL SICK!!!!

So from getting home at 10 pm every night from the new apartment. I start working, because I have only managed to get my meetings done during the day, so I am up big chunks of the night. And on top of that I am entering week 35 of my pregnancy. And guys - guess what - I’M TIRED! SO SO TIRED! Especially when I can’t sit any longer, so I am standing from 6am to 2am every day the past week and a half.
This is such a winey post- but you know what, I need to get it out. I am so overwhelmed right now, that I can’t even get emotional. Like so drained, I can’t even think. And it’s honestly the worst thing I have ever done. I see myself as super woman, that nothing can break me. But when you get this physically and emotionally exhausted it’s hard not to break for a bit. So, I am so sorry if I haven’t been able to update you on a lot of interesting content here the past week. I will do better. But I am so happy by the beautiful comments I have been getting from our podcasts yesterday and the random DMs and even emails I have gotten about my blog and stuff. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. and right now, I love you even more for sending all that love when I need it the most.
Sorry for whining, but I want to show you guys as much of me as possible.


The packing has begun. But seeing this photo, it almost makes me want a white sofa. But I think I need to wait another 10 years until the kids can handle it.