i’m in elle!!!!


As I’ve already spammed you with it on Instagram, I will do it here as well. Because some of you may not follow me there or may have missed the hundred posts. Hehe. But since I was so honoured when they asked me if I could be interviewed, I of course will never stop sharing it! I have always dreamt of being interviewed by ELLE. I actually was in an interview with ELLE together with Dua Lipa last year when I was working at NYDEN, when we made the announcement that we were working with her and making a collection together. But that was mostly about her and my/our work. So this was a little bit different and a little bit bigger!

So here is the article if you haven’t read it yet😍

FIRST escapes

Today we felt that we needed to escape Stockholm for a little bit. As we are pretty stuck here in Sweden for the next upcoming weeks, so we need to be as creative as much as we can. As I’ve never been to the archipelago here outside Stockholm, we headed out there the other day. Today we went to Torö. Unfortunately it was raining, but just being in the car and listening to podcasts was amazing, just what the doctor ordered. Then as we were heading back to Stockholm, the sun started to crack through the clouds so we headed out to the Royal Castle- Drottningholm Holm. And he had the place all to ourself. It was so soothing. I love having things so private for myself. We just walked around and soaked up the sunset all to ourselves. My little family. MY FAMILY! How amazing is that? I have my own little family❤️

I love you so much mini Force

I love you so much mini Force


The squad

Yesterday my two best friends came over and met Maddox. They were here to celebrate me, but ended up pretty much just sitting and staring at him all night. Haha. But it was such a surreal feeling, to have your closest friends meet your newest little best friend. He’s apart of the squad now! I really don’t have a lot to say about this, more than that I feel so blessed. Like I cry all the time now days. I just bursted into tears when I was going to bed after they left because I am so in love with life and all the amazing people I have in it. Supporting me through it. Something has changed the past year. Maybe it’s that I finally have time to really stop and take in all these amazing people around me. Because I think they have been here all along, but I just haven’t had the time and space to take them or these moments in. I will write a longer post about it I think. For you, who just started reading my blog, how different my life used to be just a year ago. And how it all changed.

But moments like these reminds me of just how much I absolutely adore them. And how grateful I am for every single one of my friends that now share a huge part of my heart together with maddox




Today we got to come home!!! What a weird feeling it was to leave. You get to know everyone so much as the hospital, all the nurses and doctors, and they become so important to you. But for them you’re pretty much one in a million. Haha. But leaving so extremely bruised and taking home our newest family member was definitely one of the biggest thing I’ve done my whole life. It’s official, this is for real. This is my new life now. I have a son (I HAVE A SON!!!!) full time now, not just 50% any longer, but 100%. He is with us all day and all night. It feels so crazy to even think about it. I can’t wait to spend our first night together in our big bed.

Since June 1st, I’ve slept a total of 6 hours. So… I’m exhausted. But at the same time, I’ve never had this much energy in my whole life! These hormones definitely keeps you going. But I’m looking forward to some downtime this weekend. Recover. Start walking again. And spend the last few days with my mom before she moves to Asia. And of course, cocooning with Mr. Maddox.

I’m dying of his cuteness guys! LOOK AT HIM!

I know I’m biased though haha


Maddox force

So this time around, my MIA has had to do with this amazing little fella. He arrived on 3rd of July after a looong delivery. It is a long and powerful story, which I can’t wait to share with you. After two days at the hospital of intense recovery, for me. I think we get to head home today. I will of course post updates about life here, but I won’t turn this into a baby-mama blog. Haha don’t worry! But I do really want to share my birthday story and the impact and feelings I have around it. As I had @birthbybarkenbom there to get some amazing photos of us, throughout the entire 30 hour long labour. I’ll share them as soon as I have them. And OF COURSE, the most amazing photo of all. The very first second I got to see Maddox. That was powerful.

see you in a little bit. Here he is. MY SON!!!!!



Since I’m pretty much just living a housewife life right now, I might as well do it all the way. haha. So I go shopping. I AM SO EXCITED for fall and to have my style back! At the moment I’m practically living in the same clothes every day, because I have two pants that fit me, and 2 tops. hahaha. And they are just duplicates of each other. So, accessories is the only thing I can be creative with.


I fell drop dead in love with these Acne sneakers! Since I have the white ones and they are by far the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn. I really been hoping they would make some nice ones for fall. These are however from this previous season, but they are perfect and very “Stina” for fall. AND! They were on Sale! SUCCESS


Then I walked into Chanel and found the boots of my dreams. I NEED THEM. I’m a Dr Martens girl. Not the original ones, but the ones that are a bit higher with a heel. And I love them. and always my go to shoe. But seeing these bad ass, rock chic, Chanel beauties, I need them. Soooooo bad. hehe


Since my amazing Chanel chain was stolen 2-3 months ago, I have been looking for a new gold chain. Found this Dior at Nathalie Schutterman. I really liked it. Not as perfect as my Chanel chain, but definitely wouldn’t cry if I got it for my birthday. hahaha


Oh hello Chloé boots. IN PYTHON!!!! I love dark python. Also found these at Nathalie Schutterman


Hehe this bags says it all… WOW WOW WOW
I love when classic bags, almost a bit “lady bag” likes adds that more chic touch to it.


Well…. If I was made out of money, I wouldn’t even blink. It is bigger than it looks. Like a big bag, which just added so much attitude to it. Not that it needed more. But it is definitely a good thing that it’s the big size.

I HAVE something i want to share with you


Last week when I took a “week off” I did quite a lot of soul searching last week. Not that I sat on a rock and meditated. But I only did things I wanted to do, not needed to do. And it all just sort of came to me. And I really want to share it with you. So I’m going to write a long post about it tonight. :)


I know I have been a bit MIA… I’m sorry for that! I have been consumed by a bunch of visitors, both friends and family this weeekend. And to be honest, I have been wiped out the extra second I have gotten over. It’s really starting to itch for me now.

The weeks are now getting longer and aloooot heavier. For some reason it feels like I’ve grown twice the speed the last week and I’m putting on a lot of water weight. Haha.

But this weekend has been filled with so much love and I am so happy for my family and the wonderful friends I have. I’m so blessed to have a husband like Oscar and kids like Loui and Marley. It was everything I possibly could want.

This week my mom is here And she’s staying until Maddox arrives! Cooooome on mama!!! I’m so excited for the little man to arrive. Because I can’t go shopping more. Hahaha it’s literally what I’ve been doing the entire week. I’m not complaining. But my bank account sure is hahaha

ill do an update of the finds I found yesterday.