Manifest the crap out of your partner

So as we all know Will Smith has taken over the internet the past couple of months. and has completely owned the crap out of instagram and pretty much all other influencers. Well I am a huge fan of him. And not just because of his humour or his amazing personality. But because he is so damn rock solid when it comes to his belief and what he manifests. I think they are like family Beckham 2.0. They manifest integrity but with a sense of truth and consistent warmth. Their love story is very much the same to mine and Oscar’s and we really do everything in our power to manifest our love in everything we do. And what we take from this and something we try to practice in everyday is that we empower each other all the time. You may think it’s silly, but empowering your partner should be the easiest thing you do. Why wouldn’t you empower your partner as much as you can? I think Oscar is my freakin’ god. I adore every cell in his body. Why wouldn’t I? He is everything I want in a person and everything I could dream of in a partner. Even our freakin’ fights are empowering. I think everyone should adore their partners and if you don’t, it’s pretty much the same thing as saying you don’t deserve better. and I think everyone should remind their partners as much as they possibly can what it is that makes them so great, and what it is that makes them them. You may think that it is cheesy, but love, then you just haven’t real love yet. And then my only advice to you would be– you deserve it. go find it!
So to sum it up, empower your love and your partner, nothing manifests power more than that.

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