Cure to Bloating


The only thing missing from today is a brunch with my girls. Other than that this day was perfect. Loui, the second love of my life, woke up and made banana pancakes then we headed off to his soccer practice at 9, after that we soaked up the sun before Stockholm have even made it out of their homes. We strolled with coffee and smoothies and shades- spring is here!!!!

then we went to try out strollers, the whole Force family. We are getting to big now!!! After extremely good help from BabyShop in Sturegallerian we had lunch there as well and continues our shopping.

Then I met up with my best friend Christoffer after a couple of weeks. I just love him so much. My anchor and my whole freaking heart. He’s going to be the best godfather to Maddox.

Then I headed to the gym, I weighed myself and I have gained exactly 5kg in 22 weeks! I know I know I shouldn’t focus on it- but common I’m a girl and I think all girls feel this pressure when our bodies change this much every week. I felt so swollen and bloated all day. Couldn’t wear any of my rings. So I decided to do something about it and hit the gym again, to sweat it out. I don’t know if it actually did something to my body, but it sure helped my mind and self-esteem. I love feeling strong and powerful with Maddox- and I’m about to do the longest and thought marathon of my life in 18 weeks- so I better get strong for it!

now- dinner and then finishing up the last for our apartment showing tomorrow!!! Fingers crossed!