Maddox said no


Today, Friday, was the first day that haven’t been loving my pregnancy. For reals. I don’t know what happened actually. All of a sudden I got dizzy, started feeling extremely nauseas and got some kind of a fever, so I left work at around 3, because I literally wasn’t make any use for myself. I think I’m starting to step into those weeks now where resting is a huge part of my days, they need to be. I have been going 180 for weeks now with non stop breakfast meetings at 7am and having back to backs all day and then having events and dinner dates with friends every night, while fixing the apartment and having people coming over to stay with us. To sum it up- I think it was Maddox way of saying, you may not have to sleep- but I do! Hahaha

so my Friday evenin which was supposed to be spent with my best friends ended up falling asleep at like 9 and sleept for 11 hours straight!!!! That never happens. So I definitely needed it. Today I feel soooo much better and the sun is shining and It starting to feel a lot like spring. I love this time of the year!