New hair + new house (!!!!)


I don’t know why I look like a posing bitch here. I was just sending a quick photo of my new hair to my friend. And I was going to take another one for you all, but I forgot. So this is all I have, so you get the same one. Anyways- here my new atomic blonde here with a fringe. In this photo it’s pretty messy. But you get the idea!

Anyways! Stockholm is covered in a meter snow today and it has the most beautiful winter wonderland feeling to it. We were out in Lidingö Looking at houses… yep, we are considering leaving the city. Because in June, we will have 3 kids (!!!) living under the same roof… that’s a lot of kids…energy…kids….. hahaha. So we want a garden to let them out in to release all their energy. And space! If it was just us two and maddox, I probably would have waited 2-3 years. But we are a big family now and it make sense.

The only thing I won’t compromise is the location. It needs to be freakin’ close to the city. From the house that we are bidding on now it take 6 min door to door between the house and stureplan, where I work. And it’s perfect!! Kindergarten on the same street. Tennis courts, soccer courta, basket ball courts and all the other activities are down the street. The sea is down the street. Is beautiful and has the most amazing view and everything. I really really want it!!! So all I need now is a drivers license. Haha! Just a minor detail… But i’ll manage before Maddox gets here!💪