The pleated - anything!


Pleated is stretching itself from just being the pleated skirts this summer, to pleated tops, jackets, shirts, pants, you name it. So if you are doing a pleated skirt you might as well do it all the way and combine it with a top. That’s one way of removing the “cuteness” from the pleated trend and adding that “extra” to it, which makes it a bit more edgy.

Yellow yellow yellow!


Yellow isn’t my color. At least not as bright as this. I think it suits more the dark haired beauties, than platinum blondes. So if I were to do yellow this summer, it’d probably be pastell yellow.

Military - In all kinds of ways


Last year I was introduced to I.AM.GIA which I completely fell in lover with, because they were going all in with the cargo pants and the sexy tight tops and boots. This completely worked when I was in LA, however, when I moved to Sweden, it felt like Sweden wasn’t really ready for it and I felt like a nilist wannabe Kendall Jenner. hahaha. So I’m psyched to have this trend come to europe this year. I may had some class to it this year. Just like how Dior and Fendi has done it. They always do it good.

Hippie bohemian chick


They say everyone has a bohemian inside of them and a hippie thats lost from their mother’s 70s. Unfortunately I have never really understood it, nor found it flattering on anyone. But for some reason everyone thinks the beachy brushed hair and washed out clothes with hundred of layers is flattering for some reason. If you are living in Malibu, yes. If you live in Stockholm, I think there are better trends to surrender to.

Sculptured tops


Oh lala. Love these sculptured tops. I think you can always go big with one clothing, either the pants or the top, but never both. I would suggest having tight pants and a big sculptured top. You don’t want to remove your body completely right? Well I hope not. Otherwise, I think there is a chance you end up looking like a fluffy cloud or marshmallow.

Net it up!


OH YES!!!! I love nets! And they are finally back! In literally all kinds of clothing. I saw the other day at By Marlene Birger that they had net pants! omg!!!! As soon as Maddox is out of me and my legs have gone back to normal from their beautiful pregnancy swelling, they will be my go to this summer.