This weekend I went back to Amsterdam. I used to live in Amsterdam a few years back when I was working at Nike. At the time my life was consumed with 100 hours work weeks. Haha to sum it up. So I pretty much only saw the Nike campus. So going back a little older and wiser, I realized just how amazing the city was. I went to see my old colleague Emma, who just moved to Amsterdam from working at Nike in Paris. It was so good seeing her. It is one of those friends that you lost touch with for a year of two, but that randomly just stumbled into your life again. So I decided to go down there an reunite with her. It was more than amazing to see her. and the weekend was perfection. It was just strolling, eating and shopping shopping shopping.


I love the windows in Amsterdam. We think that Stockholm has high ceilings with 3,5 meter. In Amsterdam it’s about 4-4,5 m high and as you can see the windows are just as big.


We went to my favorite Gym, where all our Nike trainers used to work and are still working. It was amazing!!! How come we dont have gyms like this in Sweden? It is so much more motivating and inspiring to go there then every morning. I had a private yoga class, while Emma went boxing. My yoga teacher actually ended up passing out and having to go to the hospital. A bit crazy! So I trained by myself and did my Barre exercises that I do every day.


Then we got ready and went out. We spent the entire afternoon at Dior and Chanel pretty much hahaha. Man!! It’s tiring to go shopping. hahaha!


OMG!!!! Look at this jacket. A long leather bomber by Fendi. I wannnnnnt it.


At Chanel I completely went bananas. I WANT EVERYTHING!!!! We were in a search for a bag, but I ended up falling in love with their jewlery. I mean - LOOK AT THIS NECKLACE! and this belt!!! haha maybe not together, but definitely separate. I want it all.


And the bag!!! Not mine though, This is Emma’s. It’s yellow caviar with gold metallic plated over it. Its one of the more beautiful Chanel bags I have ever seen. I am on the hunt of a bag myself. I want something with color, but it is so hard when you are always wearing black. And its boring to buy another black bag when spring and summer is around the corner. So I am still torn between them all. Hahah what a life problem huh?


I love this girl!!!!


Amsterdam, you were amazing. I can’t wait to be back every season. And I know one day I will be back to stay! You’re like a mini London. and I absolutely adore you.