I may look very “soothed” here. But I’m not. Far from reality. Actually I’m not really panicking. But what happened still sucks. My designer bag with my computer, my favorite Chanel jewellery, and my lion gucci rings, my grandma’s ring was stolen at Espresso House at Stureplan was snatched. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS! Especially when you actually were being careful. BUT!!! It’s only material things. Even though loosing my grandma’s ring was the worst part of it. It has sentimental value which any money in the world could never replace.

The worst part was that I had my house keys and my ID in the bag- so the police was like - GO HOME!!!!! CHANGE YOUR LOCKS NOW!!!! hahaha. So Oscar and I both ran home and changed the lock immediately. Literally like an hour later it was done. How fast is that?!

Since I am quite good in crisis and I don’t cry so much over spilled milk. The most important thing is that no one can break into my home and steal the rest of my things. Now it’s just alot of paperwork left. hahaha it’s a good thing, I hardly have anything else to do…….?????? hahahaha