During this pregnancy I have really found my new training calling - Barre! I LOVE BARRE. I’m obsessed. But you need to go to a good Barre studio. I tried Sthlm Barre and it was okay… but nothing like BeCore. I am obsessed with Becore. Even though it cost quite a lot of money, I think its the best investment that I am making each month. Because I have been able to maintain so much strength and shape through my pregnancy. If you are tinking about going, I would suggest you try Cecilia or Sara.
Cecilia, is a bit more upbeat and extremely tiring. Sara knows alot of technique and she corrects everyone alot so you can really feel how your body is working.

I train almost every morning at home. And here I also do Barre workouts. I haven’t found equivalent videos yet to the exercises that you do in the classes. But I thought I would post some videos here below that I do in the mornings.


Legs and butt