This weekend, literally everyone fled Stockholm. Except for me and Oscar. And you know what, it was amazing!!! It was completely desserted. The sun was 20 degrees all weekend, we walked the streets without bumping into people. We managed to get tables at all our favourite restaurants. We had Haga park pretty much all to ourselves. We had picknicks. We walked 20 000 steps every day. Took amazing work out classes. Slept in ( hehe and by that I mean 7:30-8..) It was amazing. We got everything we needed to be done for our move that is coming up in just a couple of days!!!! SOOOOOO SOOON!
It was the perfect recovery. And it was the perfect weekend to welcome spring / summer to Stockholm. So this sums up my weekend pretty much in a photo- alot sunshine, far too many ice creams and a very very happy Stina. And yes, I’m wearing color….. Oopzzzz