This morning I got to start my day with an inspiring breakfast together with Hermine Hold and Forni. Hermine Hold, is as many of you know, a company that Nordic Tech House founded together with the founders of Ideal Of Sweden. Today our CEO, Katarina Roger, and Forni’s founder Michaela Forni had a brakfast to talk about brands and personal branding. There were only women there, interestingly enough. Even though it was open to everyone, I guess the cliental was mainly women focused when a female blogger and hair accessories brand have an event together. But anyhow, it was a great way to meet up with some friends, have some breakfast and listen to some powerful ladies. Katarina Roger, is someone whom I have gotten to know the past couple of months. She reminds me alot about myself in many ways. And someone I think I will have around for many years to come. Not just work wise, but hopefully personally as well. I admire her personality alot, and someone who I think spreads energy and inspiration to everyone she meets. So if they have more events, which I know they will, I highly recommend you going.

The best tip from today:

Always say yes! Just go with it. This is my motto. You will never know unless you try. And trying is the most important thing when you are at the beginning of you career I think. I have always just dived into things.Jumped on to all kinds of trains and I have learned soooo much along the way. and it’s a 100% the reason why my career has flown 10 years past my age. And no, I do not judge people for making career changed after just a year or two into working. Why waste time on something that you will never be successful in? You will only be successful in something if you truly love something. You HAVE to love your job. 100%!!! Otherwise, how are you supposed to work those extra 100 hours? The extra 100 hours that you need to put in to become the best. That you need to put in, in order to create magic?

So say YES today and to everything that you are pursued. But of course, always always follow your guy feeling. It needs to make sense as well.