Week 32 - E.M.O.T.I.O.N.A.L


On Wednesday I stepped into week 32. So I am officially in month 8! I’VE BEEN PREGNANT FOR 8 MONTHS?! Thats like a year…. CRAZY! Well this weeks sums up one thing- emotional, emotional, emotional. Like I am crying all the time. For absolutely nothing. I am in sooooo much pain all the time. Supposedly this is normal? Because my pelvic (i think!) is making space for the baby to give birth. Or something like that. But either way, it feels like I have a period cramp from hell. And I am really starting to fill up on water. Probably not as bad as it will be in the end, but my legs are like a whole extra size. So I feel like an elephant. haha extremely clumsy.

Weight: I dont know this week. I will let you know next week when I am at the doctors again.

Training: This week I have decided to take a break all together, except for longer walks, because I have been feeling so much pain my stomach, so I dont want to push it. But hopefully it’s over soon. So that I can go to my megaformer and Barre classes!

Partner relationship: Well to me honest, I am killing him with all my mood swings. hahaha. I feel so bad for him in one way. But having a wife cry one minute and laugh the other minute and then cry again the next, must be draining! But he is patient. I wonder for how much longer though. hahaha. Maybe I need to end up giving him a “push present” as well, but more like “thank you for surviving and still loving me after these months” haha

Cravings: I am not so hungry these past days, which is nice for a change. I am don’t like candy any longer which makes me really happy. Like I can have one and maybe two small bites, but I wouldn’t go and buy candy myself. I am more into Parmesan chips now! Not that that is any better. haha

I think that sums up this week!

Sorry for the lazy belly photo but I will take nicer ones maybe this weekend.