I’M BACK!!!! After a rehabilitating day and some good nights sleep, I’m back at work. I realised yesterday that having a day of in the middle of the week is so refreshing. haha. Probably not for my employer, but it does wonders for my creative brain.
Anyways, today I am having lunch with a girl who reached out to me for some career guidance. She has followed me for a while now and I felt so honoured when she reached out to me. I am not trying to brag now, but it does actually happens to me quite often. And I love helping people that I trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. Everyone has their own path, but we all end up soul searching at one stage in our life. This is something I have been doing alot. Also why I think I have taken alot of side steps and huge steps forward in my career. People would say I get restless. Which is partially true. When I go into a role, I do it 110% and I think with my drive and passion, that is more than most people’s 110%. and I think that has made me take major leaps in my career. So yes, people have laughed and told me to cut down when I have been working 80-100h work weeks for years on straight. But it has also given me the possibly to speed through my career. If you divide that into a normal 40 hour work week, 1-2 years at a place for someone working 40 hours a week, is 2-4 years for me. So yes, it’s been some crazy 5 years of working for me. But it has prepared me for the roles I have taken at H&M and here at Nordic Tech House. Because today I have to say my qualification goes beyond 10 years. Which I am extremely proud of. For some people, that isn’t important at all, but for me, it has really helped me to define me as a person; what drives me, what inspires me as a person, what is a process for me, how do I create my own process and how do I always apply creativity into everything I do.

So, I know there will be a lot of you thinking that I am completely insane for only taking 3 months maternity leave. And for you, that may seem crazy. For me, it would seem crazy to do a whole year. Being away from my work full time for a whole year, a year without being inspired from other people, being intellectually challenged every day, creating things that changes and shapes the world. Well for me, it’s a huge part of my life and something that makes me, me. Of course, I wont go back full time when Maddox is only 3 months. But probably 50%, which is someone’s full time. It’s all about being effective. I know Maddox will want a mom that is happy and loving every bit of her life and being able to bring that energy to him everyday. Just like my mom did when I grew up. And she went back to work after only 10 and 11 days with me and my sisters. So, everyone is different. And it doesn’t mean that I love Maddox any less than. I just want to be the best possible mom and Stina there is for him. And for me, maintaining my life and daily inspiration, will only make me a stronger and more powerful mom. I am proud of that. And I hope he will be too.

So just remember before you judge. Everyone is different. And everyone has their own path. This just happens to be mine.

And Maddox- I’m doing this for us :)