My mood right now. I feel so zen within myself, but I feel that the winds around me makes me react so strongly and completely takes over my body right now. I have really managed to find my bubble with Oscar, the kids and my friends. But i’m at a very fragile state in my pregnancy. I feel like if I don’t get enough sleep, I’m not only tired, I’m wiped out and extremely emotional. Not so much outwards, and people in my surrounding probably wouldn’t even think so much of it. But, the tiniest thing gets to me right now. And at the moment, rude people really fucks up my day. And it pisses me off that they are getting to me. I’m usually so good at brushing people off. Because people that purposely go out of their way to upset you, are just sad lowlife people. And there is nothing worse than people that rubs of their “miscontent” about their life on other people. So you know what people, be nice. You have no idea how much being a jerk can fuck up another persons day. Especially pregnant women. Haha especially me right now! Haha

tiger’s out!