I guess this is the stage where they call it “nesting”. Nah I’m kidding, I have always loved having Friday nights with the kids and I never make plans on Fridays when we have them. We have them every second weekend. We pick them up after kindergarten on Friday afternoon and then we have them the entire weekend until Monday morning when we drop them off at kindergarten. So, Fridays are special. Because I have missed them the past two days when we’ve been apart. And it’s nice to have a resting and cozy night ahead of us, yet knowing that we have a weekend filled with alot of activities and friends.
But yes, now that I’m getting closer and closer to Maddox’s due date, these weekends are becoming sacred. And moments like these when I get to lay and play and snuggle with Marley on the couch makes life so freakin’ complete. So anyways, just wanted to say, that I feel so blessed right now. I had a tough day today and this amazing little creature changed it the second he saw me and his entire face lid up across the playground. I’m so fortunate to have him and his brother Loui as my extra soldiers in life.
Anyways! New check in on the renovation tomorrow! today we got the kitchen up! IT’S SOOOOOO PERFECT. But photos of that tomorrow! nighty night