As all our Sundays when we have the kids, are spent at Norra Real for some soccer, both with the soccer team and ourselves. Loui is not even 4 years old , but he’s insanely talented when it comes to soccer. I know all parents think so about their kids, but literally everyone that sees him play are wowed. I think it has to do with Oscar playing with him pretty much every day since he pretty much could walk. Haha.


The renovation has continued and we / I have started to paint the hallway. It will be a color from JOTUN called Tanner’s Brown. I think it’s so much fun to do these things myself. I have professional help that of course, makes it look sleek. Hehe but it’s fun to help out as much as I can with the things I can. And painting is definitely is one of those things I can do myself.


And YES! the brozed mirror to our kitchen arrived today!!! I AM OBSESSED WITH IT. Because it goes perfect with the black color and yet matches the walls.


We have managed to do all these as well. Now we just need to put them up on the walls! Ahhh I’m so excited!!!


We haven’t had time to do much more this weekend to be honest, so nothing too exciting to tell. But being 35 weeks pregnant, walking 20 000 steps a day and painting and running around doing errand 12 hours a day is pretty hectic, so in the evenings we have literally passed out. But we are getting closer and I am so excited!!! Here is Marley, the love of my life. So I just had to share a photo of him!