Here I am sitting and to be honest, I am extremely overwhelmed. I have one of my biggest projects happening at the moment workwise. I am renovating an apartment which needs more supervision than we were expecting, so I am running around like crazy every day getting equipment and painting walls and sawing and nailing stuff so that we can move on Monday. Because everything has already been delayed a week and we don’t have more time than that as Oscar is away on a business trip next week. And I would love to not do a move myself when I’m 36 weeks pregnant haha.
On top of that I need to pack my apartment, still take care of the kids, and I AM STILL SICK!!!!

So from getting home at 10 pm every night from the new apartment. I start working, because I have only managed to get my meetings done during the day, so I am up big chunks of the night. And on top of that I am entering week 35 of my pregnancy. And guys - guess what - I’M TIRED! SO SO TIRED! Especially when I can’t sit any longer, so I am standing from 6am to 2am every day the past week and a half.
This is such a winey post- but you know what, I need to get it out. I am so overwhelmed right now, that I can’t even get emotional. Like so drained, I can’t even think. And it’s honestly the worst thing I have ever done. I see myself as super woman, that nothing can break me. But when you get this physically and emotionally exhausted it’s hard not to break for a bit. So, I am so sorry if I haven’t been able to update you on a lot of interesting content here the past week. I will do better. But I am so happy by the beautiful comments I have been getting from our podcasts yesterday and the random DMs and even emails I have gotten about my blog and stuff. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. and right now, I love you even more for sending all that love when I need it the most.
Sorry for whining, but I want to show you guys as much of me as possible.


The packing has begun. But seeing this photo, it almost makes me want a white sofa. But I think I need to wait another 10 years until the kids can handle it.