Weekend you couldnt be more longed for

I haven’t longed for a weekend more than this week. Haha. Feels like I’ve said that the past two weeks. But it’s just so freakin’ hard to do the renovation and job at the same time, while becoming bigger and bigger . Like I literally wake up looking like a zombie every day. BUT my mood isn’t slowing down! Im so excited!


And today my wonderful friend Ebba is taking photos of me. Photos I have dreamt of doing ever since I saw Demi Moore’s cover of Vanity Fair 100 years ago. And today I am doing it!!!! SO EXCITED!!!

Then I have people coming over to pack up our whole place. So I will just be over looking it a little bit and catching up on some work from yesterday.

Then im going lamp shopping. Because I love lamps. And the lamps I have bought aren’t right for some reason, so I need one for the master bedroom and library.

Then back to the construction site! Tomorrow we are done!!!!! And Monday we are doing the official move!!!!