Still a construction site, but almost everything is done. Just a few things that we will need to fix later this week, but nothing major. Oscar did a fantastic move yesterday with the moving company, everything went so smoothly. So now we just have 10 years of unpacking to do. I hate unpacking, but I’m also one of those people that just gets it done straight away because I hate dragging everything out. I like having everything done ASAP, I don’t like move in slowly and find my pace and buy things gradually. Hahaha. I’m very impatient. So I’ll give the unpacking two days. The last touch ups to be done this week. And then we just have to wait for the taps for the bathroom to arrive, theeeeen we are done! So not so bad. But as the weeks are getting closer to Maddox, I want it to be all done for his grand arrival!

Also, I received the photos Ebba took of me this weekend. They made me cry so much! I’m so excited to show you!!