Not too shabby

I feel so bad at updating the past couple of days. I am just so swamped with everything, not necessarily in a bad way. I just have a lot on my plate right now. As my maternity leave starts next Friday, there is aloooooot to do before that. However, it’s extremely fun stuff! And I am getting more and more excited about this project everyday. I CANT WAIT to tell you about it. It’s something huge and life changing and a total dream come true for me. But it’s about a month away before I can mention it.


However, it’s going to be quite nice to have maternity leave and really focus on just me the last two weeks of this pregnancy. Because after that, it’s me and Maddox for life. And no longer, just Stina Force. I can’t believe it’s so soon!!! In a way I want him to be here tomorrow!!! Buuuuut I also want two weeks for myself to unwind and prepare myself mentally and physically for Maddox and the actual birth. I feel like the past 4 weeks have just flown by and I have almost forgotten that I’m pregnant, but that because I have been so busy with work and my renovation. So it will be nice with two weeks of me time. And that is if he is arriving on his due date. Hahaha. Which I hope, not before. Maybe even a week or so later wouldn’t be so bad either - hehe! More vacation for me. But I probably won’t be feeling that way by then. Hehe

btw!!! DONT YOU LOVE MY SHOES?? I’ve been longing for so long to wear them. They are from Philosophy and I am completely in love. Will go perfect with my Post-Maddox style! Hehe