So, as we thought we were getting closer to our finalé. We found out we need to remake the bathroom……. because it hadnt been done properly. So, next Monday we start again. It’s kind of hard then settling it properly when you need all the tools everywhere. But I have the most handy man (or at least, he’s getting there) that is making the small details, so it’s starting to become more as a home. This weekend however, I have promised myself to be completely done with all the unpacking… and since it’s only my wardrobe with 32 boxes left, I kind of feel like I need to hahaha for the rest of the family’s sake


Also- I’m selling this beautiful chair. It took me 5 months to get, and I’ve only sat in it twice since December when it arrived. I LOVE IT. But unfortunately it doesn’t fit into our new apartment and it’s style. So, if you’re interested, contact me on :)