Last night I got some major pains in my lower stomach and my belly when rock hard. So we called into the hospital and they said it sounded like Maddox was on his way, but that I am just in the early early stages. So I hadn’t gotten any contractions yet, but that he was preparing to come out!!!! They told me to take two pain killers and a hot bath. I did. And the pain didn’t escalate, just remained the same. Still feeling EXTREMELY uncomfortable. I couldn’t sit, lay down or stand up. The only thing that was “comfortable” was walking. But then it kind of felt like he was on his way out, because it was being pushed so low.

well anyways, since the pain didn’t escalate the hospital told up to wait it out a bit. So we went to bed. I haven’t sleep this hard in over a month. I woke up after 8 hours of sleep, and it felt like a truck had run over me. And the pains were still there at the same scale.

So I called in again and since my belly is even harder than yesterday, they wanted me to come in for a check up. So here I am. Bright shine and early on a Saturday, about to find out if Maddox is on his way or what is up! I’m not scared, because we are in week 36, which means he is fully “baked” and developed. So no danger to him or me.

If he is not on his way, then I’m definitely getting that bag packed. Because what I realised last night is that we have NOTHING prepared. It’s been too much of a focus on everything else happening right now with the renovation and all. So I need to get that stuff done.

BUT GUYS!!!! It hit me, if he’s not arriving now. I’ll be back within a month (!!!!) for real and actually delivering him. THIS IS INSANE!