This Sunday was my first Mother’s Day!!! Even though I won’t technically be a mother in another couple of weeks. I have been a “Stina” for these two boys for little over a year today. It has been the best things I have ever gotten to do. I have had the chance to follow Marley from the first second he entered this world and I have known Loui since he was two. I get to shape them, love them and teach them everything I know. They have given me so much warmth, love and loyalty every single day. Most people think that they are just my “step kids”, but in our family, Family Force, we have chosen to see each other as one family. They can call me whatever they want, but being their Stina is the greatest role I have. They have a mother that they adore, but we are each others opposite points. Which I think is a beautiful thing. Because that way, we will always mean different things to them and we will always stand for different things, which will make them even more whole rounded. So even though, I am not their mom. I am the mom in this family. And if being a mom means loving someone unconditionally, protecting them from everything in this world, shaping their worlds and futures, feeding and teaching them about love and hate and cheering them on when they need it the most and fighting with them when needed and always being there to pick them up when they can’t get up any longer, well then, then I’m a mom. So, this Sunday, we celebrated love. We celebrated our family. We celebrated Maddox and his arrival in just 3-4 weeks. We are officially soon Family Force.