Today I stepped into my final “real” work day. We are off on Thursday and on Friday, I won’t have much work left to do. More to gather my things and have a lunch with my bosses. Then, my maternity officially starts. It feel so weird. Since I won’t be off completely from work, I will still need to do a few meetings every week, I still won’t have a place to go to everyday. Even though I probably will be hanging in the office at least once a week with Maddox. hehe. They just don’t know it yet.
Well we handed in a huge delivery for a project I am extremely excited and proud of. If it ends of happening its going to be insaaaaaaane. But just getting to do what we have done so far, is beyond what I could have imagined us doing. I am extremely proud of Nordic Tech House for getting this far. And it’s been such an honour being apart of this project. A project I have always dreamed of doing. Literally. At least the past 8 years, I think I have been on their website at least once a day. So this is huge.

So to celebrate this, I decided to give myself something. I am 100% a bikini girl but this summer, since I am giving birth in the end of June. I know I probably won’t have my body back for a month or two and especially having a funny looking belly for a couple of weeks. I decided I wanted a swimsuit. But since it’s quite hard to just find a swimsuit, I decided to pull my safecard. So, this beauty, with a nice beach sjal and together with matching Chanel jewllery, I think I’m ready for beach 2019. Or what do you think?

I think it’s so important to celebrate your victories. Today, we are off and I am seeing my best friend, Christoffer. I am so excited to see him, as I haven’t seen him in a really long time. Too long!!!