This is a photo taken 5 days ago. So technically I just stepped into week 33 here. I just forgot to post about it. So here is just a little summary. Week 34 is coming up tomorrow!!! hehe so maybe this isn’t so amazing to be honest. This is mostly for myself to remember in the future. or for you pregnant mamas out there that are trying to figure out what it is like in this week, or just googling around trying to understand if your feelings and emotions are normal.


So to sum up my week that has just passed:

Weight: still + 9kg. I hadn’t gained anything from the two weeks before I was at the doctors. My belly had grown 3 cm, but my weight has remained the same! HALLELUJAH! It’s probably all the walking I’ve doing. Not that I’m on a diet or anything, but it was nice for once to step up on that scale and not break down in tears or have a slight heart attack.

Training: I have only been training twice this week, because I got a really heavy cold break out on Friday and that is still with me. I can really tell how much better my body feels though when it’s been exercising.
HOWEVER. I did do one class on Wednesday, because Sara at BeCore was back. I did the whole class without any air con and that really took it out of me, so I was completely whipped the next day.

Hormones: They were pretty extreme. But not even close to what they were the week before. hehe. So, they gave Oscar a break. haha

over all mood: EXTREMELY TIRED. On Thursday, I was out the whole day. I literally slept like 18 hours that day and had to stay home from work. My plan was to work from home but I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. I thought it was from the exercise, but then on Friday evening my cold broke out. So I guess that was what was lurking around.

But besides that - I have stayed just as active and I have been out and about and getting everything sorted for our renovation. Which really isn’t so smart, because I still have a fever and I literally can’t breath. But I’m just so excited about this renovation and a project I’m working on at work, so I dont want to slow down now! 2 weeks of renovation and 3 weeks left of work before I start my maternity leave! Eiiih