As promised! I have a check in after our first day. We had a lot of arrivals today, but unfortunately not my kitchen. That will arrive tomorrow morning at 8. So today, they started with all the ceilings- painted them white so they are fresh and new. I helped out with the bathroom because I thought it was so therapeutic. I listened to some good podcasts at the same time and took a phone call meeting at the same time. So let me show you what I have gotten done.


The left side is what I have done. The right is how it used to be. I put that guey black stuff between the tiles, because I thought grey was so ugly. So changed it to black. This may not seem too impressive to you, but this is coming from a girl whose changed one light bulb once in her life. hehe.


So here was the end result after a couple of hours. I did it all the way down to the floor.

To do in bathroom:
1. Change floor tiles
2. Color the ceiling and walls white
3. Change the taps and all the metal interior to gold instead of these silver ones
4. Change the toilet, commando, mirror and washing machine.


This is the room I am most excited about so I had to start playing around with it. We have decided to do the room in pink (you can find my previous post with my moodboard on it here) . So I had to try it out. You can’t see the color here properly because it dark and I have tried to light up the color. But you will see more tomorrow, because thats when we are doing the whole room! Ahhh! I’m so excited I have so many butterflies.


As we are doing stuccoed walls. So I have carved them all with help from my amazing friend Ami (just because she’s a pro) and I have now colored them! Which is probably two days away. But I couldn’t wait hehe.

Other than that - day 1 done!

Tomorrow: The kitchen arrived and hopefully that will be up by the end of the day, the livingroom color and bedroom walls will be done or at least their first layer will be. So stay tuned!