To The Soon to be maMas

this pillow. Has changed my life. It is starting to get so uncomfortable sleeping, standing and sitting. Haha. Well at least sitting and sleeping. And last week I was so uncomfortable and I got so much aching pains from sleeping so I went to Babyshop in sturegallerian (they have them on their website as well, so you can get one there!) and asked if they had any tips on stuff that would help. Then they gave me this pillow, which is pretty pricey, but it is worth every cent. I have slept for 8 hours every night. I always start my nights by sleeping on Oscar’s chest and using him as my pillow. But I always wake up the next side sleeping like this with the pillow and Oscars tugging me tight from behind. It’s like being spooned by two people!! DREAM!!

Well anyways- it’s not just for pregnant women. You can use it as a baby nest in the bed when they baby is born. And you can use it for breast feeding support. It’s amazing. I never thought I was try it, because I have seen other bloggers recommend it. But I did and 8 100% agree- worth every cent!