PRE CONTRACTIONS, pampering and make over


For lunch I met with my favourite girl Emma, my friend that I visited in Amsterdam. I could hardly sleep last night because I woke up and got “early contractions”, oh boy was that something new. It was like the worst period cramp I’ve ever felt. And it lasted ALL DAY. So I was just waiting for it to escalate into actual contractions. Supposedly these can happen over a week before I actually go in to labour. But since they lasted for like 24 hours and we’re getting a bit more intense towards the evening, and moving further down, the doctor thought it probably wasn’t a week away. OMMMMMMGGGG. But I’m not throwing my hands up just yet. So instead of thinking about it. I decided to have a day of pampering for myself. I went out to KICKS new store in Gallerian, because when I pamper myself I try on all the new make up that has arrived. I got my nails done, because it was way overdue and I figured I probably won’t have time for it when Maddox arrives. Since I only wear black nail polish, I let them do whatever they wanted. Hahaha, so I ended up getting an M for Maddox on one nail and something that looks like an umbilical cord on the remaining 4. Hahaha but it’s fresh and summery.

Then I raided the entire Make Up section and got them to make me look like a freakin’ movie star. And I bought everything. Because if you get a treatment done in their store, you get 20% off the whole store. So, hehe

Then I headed to BabyShop to pick up everything left for Maddox. Now are all set. Bed, car seat , baby nest, YOU NAME IT. It feels good to be this prepared!

After that Oscar and I headed to Café Facile, our new favourite place in our area. It was good to spend some time with him after this weekend. It felt like we hadn’t spoken in days, due to our beautiful little singing bird Marley. So a date night was needed!

Now we are just waiting to see if these contractions take off!!!! Ooooommmgggg