You probably thought I died or went into labour, if you haven’t been following me on instagram. Haha. Nah, but to be honest, I have been pretty busy the past couple of days getting the last things done for the apartment and seeing a bunch of friends. It’s perfect, as I am just hanging around trying to make time pass, I might as well see all my friends, as I probably won’t have that much time with them in the upcoming weeks after Maddox’s arrival. So to be honest, my pregnant brain as just been consumed with that and waiting. pretty much. But here is a little recap


Say hello to my new little friend. The LV Bumbag. I have had a belt bag from Chanel now for little over a year and it was starting to look pretty worn out. Luckily LV designed this beauty!!!! and as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted it. I don’t necessary share what I buy, because I sometimes feel awkward about it, like I'‘m bragging or it will look like I spend far too much money on things, far too often. Which I really don’t. I do probably spend more than the average person, but I do save up for things. and my new life hack- I’ve started selling things!!! Which is such a hack… I’m probably 100 years to late to this. But Blocket (online marketplace here in Sweden) is my new best friend. I’ve sold half of what I own there the past month!!! BUT any how! I wanted to show you this one. As I thought it was fairly a good price and it’s the perfect size. And I absolutely love belt bags, you can wear them in so many different ways. And even though this one is black, it has these colorful details to them which makes it a bit more “summery”. So a tip if you are searching for a belt bag that you can wear multiple of ways!


On Friday evening Oscar and I, at 10 pm, decided that we want the bathroom to be black instead. Since we had the bathroom paint at home, we thought- WHAT THE HELL. Hahaha it’s starting to become the activity we always do when we have time “off”. By that I mean, no kids in the house. haha. Well anyways- IT LOOKS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. 100 times better! We feel like we want to be done with everything before Maddox arrives, as much as possible. And unfortunately we can’t get any workers to help out enough for it all to be done. Now we get them for like a day each week, which isn’t really enough for everything we want to do. BUT oh well, we aren’t complaining and we are actually starting to become pretty good at it. And it’s kind of fun doing it together, listening to a good podcast and discussing it.


One thing that is fully done, is our bedroom. And I figured I’d show you how it’s turned out. It’s my lite haven. Of course, I have some minor details that I’ll be adding, interior wise. But other than that the room is fully done. I love it! It’s always so clean and soothing and this mat has been everything. I don’t understand why not everyone has this?! It’s sooooo comfy and I just love sitting on it and writting. Like I’m doing now! It’s so good.


I have been looking for a mat for a really long time now. Since I need a pretty big one for the living room, as it’s 8 meters wide!!! 8!!!! I have been looking for solid printed ones. Which just a nice finish and touch. But then I found this from Layered. Which I now have decided to order and it will be arriving this week. WHAT DO YOU THINK?! I reallly hope it will be nice. I just love that it has a pattern to it and all the colors I have in my living room. Right now, everything I own is either HAY or Flos. It’s all black and gold. And the pink walls. So I think it will spice things up a bit.

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 05.28.02.png

Then I found this photo from my friend Charlie’s apartment. LOOK AT THAT FLOOR! Since we have the same floor in our whole apartment, just lighter. It makes me want to sand the floors into this darker color to make it even more edgy and mustier. The mat picture above even has the darker colored floors to them. And with that mat. YUM!


When I saw this photo, it made me want a podium really bad. and these glass balls. So i’m getting the balls, now I just want the podium! If you know where I can find it- holla at me!


Then I just wanted to share this. A painting I just bought this weekend. Or photography, I guess you’d call it. He is one of the most resilient men whose ever lived and alot of my inspiration comes from him. No, not because I love Chanel stuff. But because his way of living and never ever excusing himself for anyone. His way of always staying simple and never explaining himself to ANYONE is so inspiring. At least once a week, I’ll have a karl hour, where I just google around on interviews, podcasts, youtube videos of interviews or scenes of him working or just spending his days. I adore this man. And I absolutely fell in love with this photo. So, soon, this massive painting will be hanging somewhere in my home. Stay tuned!