I know I have been a bit MIA… I’m sorry for that! I have been consumed by a bunch of visitors, both friends and family this weeekend. And to be honest, I have been wiped out the extra second I have gotten over. It’s really starting to itch for me now.

The weeks are now getting longer and aloooot heavier. For some reason it feels like I’ve grown twice the speed the last week and I’m putting on a lot of water weight. Haha.

But this weekend has been filled with so much love and I am so happy for my family and the wonderful friends I have. I’m so blessed to have a husband like Oscar and kids like Loui and Marley. It was everything I possibly could want.

This week my mom is here And she’s staying until Maddox arrives! Cooooome on mama!!! I’m so excited for the little man to arrive. Because I can’t go shopping more. Hahaha it’s literally what I’ve been doing the entire week. I’m not complaining. But my bank account sure is hahaha

ill do an update of the finds I found yesterday.