Since I’m pretty much just living a housewife life right now, I might as well do it all the way. haha. So I go shopping. I AM SO EXCITED for fall and to have my style back! At the moment I’m practically living in the same clothes every day, because I have two pants that fit me, and 2 tops. hahaha. And they are just duplicates of each other. So, accessories is the only thing I can be creative with.


I fell drop dead in love with these Acne sneakers! Since I have the white ones and they are by far the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn. I really been hoping they would make some nice ones for fall. These are however from this previous season, but they are perfect and very “Stina” for fall. AND! They were on Sale! SUCCESS


Then I walked into Chanel and found the boots of my dreams. I NEED THEM. I’m a Dr Martens girl. Not the original ones, but the ones that are a bit higher with a heel. And I love them. and always my go to shoe. But seeing these bad ass, rock chic, Chanel beauties, I need them. Soooooo bad. hehe


Since my amazing Chanel chain was stolen 2-3 months ago, I have been looking for a new gold chain. Found this Dior at Nathalie Schutterman. I really liked it. Not as perfect as my Chanel chain, but definitely wouldn’t cry if I got it for my birthday. hahaha


Oh hello Chloé boots. IN PYTHON!!!! I love dark python. Also found these at Nathalie Schutterman


Hehe this bags says it all… WOW WOW WOW
I love when classic bags, almost a bit “lady bag” likes adds that more chic touch to it.


Well…. If I was made out of money, I wouldn’t even blink. It is bigger than it looks. Like a big bag, which just added so much attitude to it. Not that it needed more. But it is definitely a good thing that it’s the big size.