First day of maternity leave. Of course, I do what I love them most - breakfast in bed!!! and a show. Today it happened to be David Letterman’s show. Again, I can’t recommend it more!

Believe it or not, but my day was fully packed with stuff to do. haha- I would be such a good housewife!


I of course took the oppotunity to join in on my favorite class at Be Core with Sara. Guys I can’t praise her and that studio enough. I absolutely love love love it. Its so hard. And now at almost week 38, it’s actually quite intense. BUT your girl managed to not only power through the whole class, I did the heavy weights as well. Even though it was pushing my limits a liiiiiittle bit.
But you know what I’ve decided, I’m going to do a class ever second day until Maddox arrives. Not just because I LOVE Sara. I absolutely love the energy I get from the classes. I feel so f**king powerful. And that is the best gift I can give myself to prep for delivery - POWER! So if you are pregnant, I can’t praise it more. Move move move! I know it can be heavy to walk, but for some reason it’s easier to train. Do it for you and your baby! As soon as he arrives, you can’t train for 6-8 weeks. and maybe even longer if you are unlucky. So go for as long as you can! Do it for your energy at least!


Then I headed out to buy the last things for my delivery bag - grandma underwear! Big and comfortable as they get. Dooooone! Met up with my best friend Emelie for some good H&M shopping. Then I did some quick shopping for my “post Maddox” phase. hahah like thats the priority right now. Hahaha. Ah well! it felt inspiring at the time. Then I got such a cute blanket for Maddox. OMG you’re gonna die!!!

After that I met with Ebba, my new wonderful wonderful friend but she’s also my birth photographer and her daughter Ingrid for a coffee.

After the the most miraculous thing happened! WE BOUGHT THE HAY MAGS COUCH!!!!!!!!! I’m soooooo happy. The couch I recommended in my previous post! You guys have no ideah ow much I wanted it. So, right now, I need to sell our MeliMeli one, because I have two couches in the livingroom. So again- if you’re interested in this couch, holla at me! Good price!!


Here are some crappy photos from our old apartment in two lights. Day & night.