PINKED OUT! Mama’s out!

This weekend kicked off with my last day of work for a while. Oscar met up for a date night around 5 pm, hade dinner at Nombre, one of our favorite restaurants near where we live. Before I left the office I had to take a picture of this, because in this outfit, you can hardly tell that I am 37 weeks pregnant facing forward. and then I go to the side- and there he pops out!


Hello there Maddox! GUYS - I’M IN WEEK 37!!!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?


We woke up on Saturday morning and got an instinct that we needed to paint pink the entire way, not just the walls. So the frames first, which I did. Then as we were done with those we thought- we don’t do anything else half way. So we made the ceiling as well! Ohhh yesss


Luckily Oscar is a little bit stronger than I am right now, so he managed to do the entire room himself. CRAZY!!!


This weekend was spent cuddling in the rain, watching the whole season of What If, or at least finishing watching it. Eating breakfasts, take away, shopping this for the apartment and like I mentioned above- painting the walls. It was perfect. Everything a weekend needs to be now towards the end. As this could be our last one, just the two of us. Next weekend we have Loui and Marley and after that it is only days away from due date. So crazy. But it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I am obsesssed with this man and everything he does for me. and us. My wish is his command. And I couldn’t feel more grateful this Sunday evening when I fell sleep in his arms. Eiiiih Maddox, you’re so lucky.