WEEK 38 - weight loss, stress & survival


WEEK 38!!! Guys, I’m almost there now! This is so crazy!!!!

I have been bad with these pregnancy updates. BUT! Here we go, I am going to try and sum up the past couple of weeks.

The last 3 weeks, I have been incredibly stressed. Which has made Maddox very stressed. Unfortunately. I have had high blood pressure and high pulse, which has landed me in the hospital because they thought he was on his way. Luckily it was false alarm. But doing renovation for 12 hours a day when you 36-37 weeks pregnant and weigh 8 kg more than usual and managing 2 kids at the same time and a huge work delivery, well let’s just say, I wouldn’t recommend my worst enemy it.
There has been alot of tears, like 10 times a day. Luckily I have the best support system around me with supporting co-workers, friends and my mom, who unfortunately happened to be on the other side of the planet. Well, I managed. So that’s why my maternity leave came at the perfect timing. I would like to add- that in all of these things a lot of extremely sad private things happened at the same time. I won’t go into detail about it now, but I will write a long post about it in the upcoming days. Because like I said before, I want to use this space for myself to show you everything I am. Life isn’t perfect, nor do I want it to be. So, I definitely wouldn’t want to portray it to be either.

But anyways- back to pregnancy!

I survived. Unfortunately I haven’t had 1 minute over one single day, like literally. I forgot to eat most days, which is so bad. It lead to me loosing 1,5 kg in one week, when I should have gained 350 grams, because I was so stressed and running around so much every single day. So I went from +10 kg, down to 8-8,5 kg. In one week.

Weight: I am now back to 9+ kg from the start of my pregnancy.

Body: I am starting to feel a bit bloated. Even though everyone says I’m not. My fingers, arms and legs are swelling. I can tell and definitely feel it.
My back is killing me. But only when I’m sitting or laying down, so I stand up 99% of the day. If it weren’t for the back, I could easily go for another month or two. Cause I really feel I could use the downtime before he arrives.

I also had a lot and alot of contractions, like all day, 24/7. When I ended up in the hospital they were supposedly so strong, that they should have felt like a real contraction. But I couldn’t even feel them… And not because I’m so “hard core” but because I had gotten so used them! How crazy is that?!

Other than that, things are now feeling much better and I’m just going to enjoy this amazing last few weeks with myself.