I couldn’t have chosen a better timing to go on my maternity leave. I spent the days ordering a bunch of stuff for the apartment in the sun on our balcony!!! It felt so good to feel the sun glazing my body again! I’m a sun worshiper, like the rest of Sweden haha. But it was a very soothing day. Had the “construction” workers here, fixing the apartment. I think next week will be the final touches, then we are done. So Maddox you are free to come then! Haha.

in the evening I realised that Maddox hadn’t been moving a lot during the day, actually hardly at all to be honest. So I just thought I would call in. I’m probably the last person to get worried over stuff like that, but my husband is not. And what I have learned, always just give them a call. Whatever it is, you know your body and your baby. If you feel something is up, then something is probably off. So Maddox and I headed to the hospital where it turned out that he was a little bit stuck with his feet, so he actually couldn’t kick and that was probably why I don’t feel him moving around so much. Nothing dangerous. So they sent me home after a couple of hours. They just wanted to monitor his heart rate a bit. But I got home really late and Marley is teething, so it kept me up majority of the night. So today I have cancelled everything. I am going to go to the park and sleep and then Oscar is joining me for a long lunch. We are off tomorrow so we will probably do something g nice tomorrow as the temperature is supposed to be 28 degrees!!!!!