Love is a noun


I loved this. Because this is something I keep whining about every single day to everyone I know. When you love someone, and it doesn’t just have to be a partner. It can be a friend. Or a colleague. or a child. Doesn’t matter. But when you love someone, you show it. Using words to describe a feeling is a powerful powerful tool. I believe everyone can “train” themselves to that. I think that I’m actually really good at it. I think I constantly remind my loved ones of how amazing and valuable they are to me.
But showing it- why is that so much harder? Showing someone you love that you adore and appreciate them, should be the easiest thing in the world. It will mean different things to different people. One way for me to feel loved will be different to Oscar, for an e.g.
I think that’s why it’s hard. That’s why you need to communicate your needs to someone you love. How do you feel loved? What makes you happy and feel adored? I think if you are able to communicate that, I don’t understand how the other person can’t not not do it then. This goes for your friends as well. I do however think that we are better here, and we try harder for some reason. But I constantly sit and listen to couples that will fight about the most ridiculous things. The couple themselves probably don’t even think about it any longer. Because they are so used to it. But why? For what reason is that good. You don’t get happier by fighting about it, and your partner definitely don’t.
For me, I hate when I don’t “deliver” into my relationship with Oscar. I genuinely want to be the best partner he’s ever had or could ever dream of. Because he deserves it. He deserves to feel so loved every single day. Because he adores me and makes my life so smooth with every chance he gets. And when we fail, I get so disappointed. It is human. But it’s definitely not necessary. And I’m not talking about rainbows and roses every single day. But for me, love is about showing how much you appreciate the person, how much you love them with every action you do. If you know he likes his coffee right when he gets out of bed- why wouldn’t you get up 5 minutes before to make him coffee? It can be silly things like that.
But people seem to forget it. And that kills the romance. And I don’t ever want to have a relationship, nor friendship- where romance is not the center of it.