I never posted my weekend. The weather was sickkkkk in Stockholm, which you probably haven’t missed if you’re following pretty much any swede on Instagram. Haha. Nothing major happened this weekend.

I thought it was a rather challenging weekend, because both Oscar and I got very little sleep due to Marley’s teething. And as much as I adore the kid, after 72 hour of screaming, my body was so numb I couldn’t hardly speak. My body had gone in survival mode. Hahaha! It’s True! I don’t think 38 weeks pregnant helps. But I managed. And I mean this in the best way- it felt like a relieve when we sent them off to school on Monday morning. Because the only thing I will be doing for the next two days until they’re back. Is SLEEP. REST. hahaha

But I did have micro breaks where I got to see friends. On Saturday for e.g. I met my two best friends for breakfast. Before 1 pm, I had managed to walk 20 000 steps!!!! In like 30 degrees. I was incredibly proud of myself. And by the end of the day I ended with 26 000. I felt like such a super woman!