The squad

Yesterday my two best friends came over and met Maddox. They were here to celebrate me, but ended up pretty much just sitting and staring at him all night. Haha. But it was such a surreal feeling, to have your closest friends meet your newest little best friend. He’s apart of the squad now! I really don’t have a lot to say about this, more than that I feel so blessed. Like I cry all the time now days. I just bursted into tears when I was going to bed after they left because I am so in love with life and all the amazing people I have in it. Supporting me through it. Something has changed the past year. Maybe it’s that I finally have time to really stop and take in all these amazing people around me. Because I think they have been here all along, but I just haven’t had the time and space to take them or these moments in. I will write a longer post about it I think. For you, who just started reading my blog, how different my life used to be just a year ago. And how it all changed.

But moments like these reminds me of just how much I absolutely adore them. And how grateful I am for every single one of my friends that now share a huge part of my heart together with maddox