FIRST escapes

Today we felt that we needed to escape Stockholm for a little bit. As we are pretty stuck here in Sweden for the next upcoming weeks, so we need to be as creative as much as we can. As I’ve never been to the archipelago here outside Stockholm, we headed out there the other day. Today we went to Torö. Unfortunately it was raining, but just being in the car and listening to podcasts was amazing, just what the doctor ordered. Then as we were heading back to Stockholm, the sun started to crack through the clouds so we headed out to the Royal Castle- Drottningholm Holm. And he had the place all to ourself. It was so soothing. I love having things so private for myself. We just walked around and soaked up the sunset all to ourselves. My little family. MY FAMILY! How amazing is that? I have my own little family❤️

I love you so much mini Force

I love you so much mini Force