Maddox force

So this time around, my MIA has had to do with this amazing little fella. He arrived on 3rd of July after a looong delivery. It is a long and powerful story, which I can’t wait to share with you. After two days at the hospital of intense recovery, for me. I think we get to head home today. I will of course post updates about life here, but I won’t turn this into a baby-mama blog. Haha don’t worry! But I do really want to share my birthday story and the impact and feelings I have around it. As I had @birthbybarkenbom there to get some amazing photos of us, throughout the entire 30 hour long labour. I’ll share them as soon as I have them. And OF COURSE, the most amazing photo of all. The very first second I got to see Maddox. That was powerful.

see you in a little bit. Here he is. MY SON!!!!!