Today we got to come home!!! What a weird feeling it was to leave. You get to know everyone so much as the hospital, all the nurses and doctors, and they become so important to you. But for them you’re pretty much one in a million. Haha. But leaving so extremely bruised and taking home our newest family member was definitely one of the biggest thing I’ve done my whole life. It’s official, this is for real. This is my new life now. I have a son (I HAVE A SON!!!!) full time now, not just 50% any longer, but 100%. He is with us all day and all night. It feels so crazy to even think about it. I can’t wait to spend our first night together in our big bed.

Since June 1st, I’ve slept a total of 6 hours. So… I’m exhausted. But at the same time, I’ve never had this much energy in my whole life! These hormones definitely keeps you going. But I’m looking forward to some downtime this weekend. Recover. Start walking again. And spend the last few days with my mom before she moves to Asia. And of course, cocooning with Mr. Maddox.

I’m dying of his cuteness guys! LOOK AT HIM!

I know I’m biased though haha