Haha I don’t know what I used to do before I could do this. It’s my new favourite activity. He is slowly becoming more and more of a person. He is awake a lot more, for long periods at a time. Yet, still sleeps through the nights. How lucky am I?


I found these beauties yesterday. I love them!!!! Chanel always make the best boots, jewellery and bags. Always! And these beauties are everything.

The rest of the afternoon we spent shopping new clothes for Maddox because he has grown 4 cm in 10 days!!!! 10 days!!!! He is a tall baby. Not so much on the width, as the length. But he’ll get there. I’ll just have to keep feeding him. Haha

If you know any good Baby brands with some attitude, not just light blue striped stuff with elephants all over it. Please let me know!❤️