Too early


I’ve been an early bird my whole life. But everytime I have to start my day by going to the doctor or dentist, I literally can’t get out of bed. And I’m not even scared of either of them! But here I am off the dentist second time this week!!

two days ago I had to get a tooth fixed because I accidentally bit it off during my labour. And today I’m going to see how the rest of my mouth is doing. Haha

I want to apologise when I’m bad at updating. To be honest, there is quite a lot going on right now, personally, so I’m having a hard time gathering my thoughts for you guys. I will though. I’m even bad at Instagram at the moment. And I really wish I wasn’t, because I love sharing stuff, just as much as I love looking at other people’s stuff. So I’ll make sure to make some time this afternoon to share an update on what’s happening right now for me personally :)