Cure to Bloating


The only thing missing from today is a brunch with my girls. Other than that this day was perfect. Loui, the second love of my life, woke up and made banana pancakes then we headed off to his soccer practice at 9, after that we soaked up the sun before Stockholm have even made it out of their homes. We strolled with coffee and smoothies and shades- spring is here!!!!

then we went to try out strollers, the whole Force family. We are getting to big now!!! After extremely good help from BabyShop in Sturegallerian we had lunch there as well and continues our shopping.

Then I met up with my best friend Christoffer after a couple of weeks. I just love him so much. My anchor and my whole freaking heart. He’s going to be the best godfather to Maddox.

Then I headed to the gym, I weighed myself and I have gained exactly 5kg in 22 weeks! I know I know I shouldn’t focus on it- but common I’m a girl and I think all girls feel this pressure when our bodies change this much every week. I felt so swollen and bloated all day. Couldn’t wear any of my rings. So I decided to do something about it and hit the gym again, to sweat it out. I don’t know if it actually did something to my body, but it sure helped my mind and self-esteem. I love feeling strong and powerful with Maddox- and I’m about to do the longest and thought marathon of my life in 18 weeks- so I better get strong for it!

now- dinner and then finishing up the last for our apartment showing tomorrow!!! Fingers crossed!


Maddox said no


Today, Friday, was the first day that haven’t been loving my pregnancy. For reals. I don’t know what happened actually. All of a sudden I got dizzy, started feeling extremely nauseas and got some kind of a fever, so I left work at around 3, because I literally wasn’t make any use for myself. I think I’m starting to step into those weeks now where resting is a huge part of my days, they need to be. I have been going 180 for weeks now with non stop breakfast meetings at 7am and having back to backs all day and then having events and dinner dates with friends every night, while fixing the apartment and having people coming over to stay with us. To sum it up- I think it was Maddox way of saying, you may not have to sleep- but I do! Hahaha

so my Friday evenin which was supposed to be spent with my best friends ended up falling asleep at like 9 and sleept for 11 hours straight!!!! That never happens. So I definitely needed it. Today I feel soooo much better and the sun is shining and It starting to feel a lot like spring. I love this time of the year!

New hair + new house (!!!!)


I don’t know why I look like a posing bitch here. I was just sending a quick photo of my new hair to my friend. And I was going to take another one for you all, but I forgot. So this is all I have, so you get the same one. Anyways- here my new atomic blonde here with a fringe. In this photo it’s pretty messy. But you get the idea!

Anyways! Stockholm is covered in a meter snow today and it has the most beautiful winter wonderland feeling to it. We were out in Lidingö Looking at houses… yep, we are considering leaving the city. Because in June, we will have 3 kids (!!!) living under the same roof… that’s a lot of kids…energy…kids….. hahaha. So we want a garden to let them out in to release all their energy. And space! If it was just us two and maddox, I probably would have waited 2-3 years. But we are a big family now and it make sense.

The only thing I won’t compromise is the location. It needs to be freakin’ close to the city. From the house that we are bidding on now it take 6 min door to door between the house and stureplan, where I work. And it’s perfect!! Kindergarten on the same street. Tennis courts, soccer courta, basket ball courts and all the other activities are down the street. The sea is down the street. Is beautiful and has the most amazing view and everything. I really really want it!!! So all I need now is a drivers license. Haha! Just a minor detail… But i’ll manage before Maddox gets here!💪


This is one of my favourite views. Because it makes me pinch myself how happy and lucky I have.

Him. Focusing on his brilliant ideas. In our apartment.

What did I do to deserve him?

Definitely a change


So I started the morning with a breakfast with one of my favourite people, Vida!, at Nybrogatan. Then I bounced off to Cardells hair lounge to get a haircut from a new hairdresser (but since he was recommended by my best friend, I trusted her.) as soon as I was done there, I went to Creative Headz at Odenplan to get my hair dyed into the the blondest colour they could make me. So two hairdressers in one morning- no too bad!!! But hopefully the result will come out to be just as good as the woman that inspired me!😍😍😍😍 FINGERS CROSSED and stay tuned 😍



My weekend is being spent right here! This weekend, we are kids free, and we haven’t had a weekend in a long time where we don’t have any plans but each other.

Yesterday was spent working out together, then we went to play tennis, then went out for some pay-day shopping (hehe) and then ended the evening with a date night at AG’s.

However, today, we are staying put at the very same spot as this picture is taken, watching great Leo Dicaprio movies on repeat! and ending the day with a BeCore session!

I have started this entire week with getting up at 6 and going to the gym. And I've managed to stick by it all week. I have soooo much more energy! If you exercise right, it’s never enough!!